22nd ANNUAL THEODORE WARD PRIZE Deadline: 7/01 — Contest , The Loop , Theodore Ward Prize — AAPEX

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Date: 7-01-07 (Postmarked by)
Material: Full-Length Plays by African American Playwrights
1) All entrants must be of African-American descent and permanent
residents within the United States.
2) Only full-length plays addressing the African-American will be considered.
One Acts and musicals are not accepted (with the exception of a play-with-music).
3) Adaptations and translations are not eligible unless from works in the public domain.
4) All rights for music or biographies must be secured by entrant prior to submission.
5) One completed script per playwright will be accepted.
6) Scripts that have received professional productions
are ineligible.”Professional” Includes Equity Showcase and Waiver productions, but does not include amateur and college productions.
7) All manuscripts must be typed and bound. Please include a brief personal resume (phone number please), a short synopsis and a script history. The script history should include information about any prior productions or readings.
8) Staff and faculty of Columbia College Chicago are not eligible. Winners cannot win within five successive years.

All manuscripts must be typed, securely bound, copyrighted and mailed to:
Mr. Chuck Smith
Columbia College Chicago
Theater Dept.
72 E. 11th Street
Chicago, IL 60605.
Announcement of winner will be made on or before October 31, 2007. Only scripts with self-addressed envelopes will be returned.

- $2000
- Fully mounted production in the 2007/2008 season.
- Transportation (within the Continental United
States only) and housing (max. 1 week) during rehearsal period/performances.
- Author must be willing to sign a contract with the college that obligates the playwright to:
1) travel to Chicago during production;
2) acknowledge prize in future programs and publications;
3) future royalties of .1% (3 year time limit);
4) be willing to grant publishing rights to Columbia College Chicago.

$500 A staged reading at Columbia College Chicago that will be directed by a faculty director Playwright will receive tape of reading.

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