Sunday, June 24, 2007


  • AAPEX sponsored a reading yesterday in Cincinnati (actually Fairfield ) of THE FAMILY LINE by Peter Lawson Jones (see post below). Directed by Greg Stallworth and presented by AAPEX and Emerald Entertainment.
  • KING WILLIE by Jamal Williams read yesterday in DC. Presented by Robert S. Morgan and The Essential Theater.
  • The Black Women Playwrights Group annual event in DC on June 18 and 19 was an astounding event and DC itself is full of actors, directors, playwrights etc. You meet them everywhere. Each playwright worked closely with a dramaturg.
  • Speaking of dramaturgs, AAPEX is working with a wonderful dramaturg in New York in conjunction with OWAFEST. Her name is Roweena Mackay and she hails from Great Britain but is a recent graduate of Yale University. Ben Marshall, Sean O'Leary, Evan Guilford Blake and Grace Cavalieri continue to win prizes. Congratulations.
  • Dr. Shirlene Holmes of Georgia State will enjoy a production of her play A LADY AND A WOMAN in South Africa and Alan Woods, who is organizing the AAPEX archives at Ohio State also has a piece in this festival.
  • AAPEX has a nonprofit umbrella in New York City thanks to Bob Ost and his organization Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU linked in Resources). Donations welcome.
  • Ohio playwright Mike Oatman has completed the first draft of his play THE CHITTLIN' THIEF. To react in the vernacular, this play kicks b---- well, let's just say it kicks.
  • Finally, thanks to Dave Copeland of Miami, we have a superior internet site. If you would like to post something let me know. We could particulary use some funding for the administration and development of this aspect.

Jaz Dorsey

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