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Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Diary of a Tired Black Man" screening June 21st (DC)

Invites you to an exclusive sceening of
Diary of a Tired Black Man
Followed by a post-screening talk by filmmaker
Tim Alexander

7:30 PM
Thursday, June 21st at
555 11th Street, NW - Metro Center Metro, 11th & E

(Other Cities Soon To Be Announced)

Men, tickets are going fast - Don't Let the Sistas Snatch all the Seats.
Important Advisory: Rules of Conduct for Men at The Screening
All that - "I told you" and "Ahhh Haahhh..." and "See That" and "See What You Gone Make Me Do" and "Yesss... yesss... yess", will NOT BE ALLOWED. You know the sistas aint going for it. An occassionally hummed "ummm... hmmm" will be okay. Non-Verbals: No finger pointing, or flailing ya palms up like "what you expect me to say". Remember: Outside of the film, you are still "wrong" and "guilty" of something.

Discussion Time Rules:
During the discussion, shut up and let all the blame fall on the filmmaker for tellin it like you hear it in your dreams, but can not say in life.

Fringe Benefits:
Follow these Rules for THIS Screening, and we tell you, the rest of your EVENING will go much better.

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