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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Playwriting for Change Workshop (Houston)

There is a particular craft that enables writers to develop meaningful characters, credible situations, how to "tell your story" effectively, and how to convey a message truthfully. This workshop introduces the student to character, story, scene and script development. Through a series of writing exercises and readings we explore the structure, movement and premise that make up a play. The objective of this workshop is for each student to complete a one-act play by class end. Notebook and pen are required. This workshop is designed to advance the playwright's skills in the development of a working script. From out of this process, scenes from the "most promising plays" are featured in a special Showcase at the end of the session at the Silver House Theatre. From there, those works with "production potential" are placed in development for possible Mainstage production.

Reginald Edmund is a founder of Silver House Theatre Playwright Festival, artistic director of the Silver House Theatre and executive producer the Houston Urban Theatre company.

Silver House Theatre
1107 Chartres
Houston, Texas
CLASS SCHEDULE: June 21st, 2007 - August 21st, 2007
TUITION: $60.00 The balance is due within one week after classes begin. Failure to pay tuition balance at designated date will result in dismissal from classes.

For more information call 713-446-1531 or 713-547-0126

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