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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Silver House Theatre 3rd Annual Playwright Festival June 21st-23rd (Houston)

"There is a need within the arts community of Houston for introducing to the city talented new playwrights. It's a void here and the Silver House mission is to fill it."

Reginald Edmund, Festival Director

Edmund continues, "This festival also encourages new playwrights to continue to create exceptional works. The quality of material we have selected for this festival is exceptional. The directors working on these projects established communication with their respective playwright. Although many of the playwrights cannot all be available for this event, it is very important that the writer be a part of the process."

The plays included in the Third Annual Playwright Festival, are:

  • Price of Beauty by Joe Lauinger and directed by Barbara Hartman...The occasion of a wedding provides the catalyst for working friends to take a step toward a deeper connection.
  • Waiting Room by Jody Handley, directed by MJ Hancock...After his crucifixion, Jesus descends into Hell and promptly meets Judas in Hell's waiting room. Thrown into an examination of their relationship and Judas' betrayal, they bare their souls for the final time.
  • Where Time Is Money by Susan Price Monnot and directed by Steve Carpentier.. .Kimberly is on her way to a business meeting when her car breaks down leaving her stranded in a deserted town in the middle of nowhere. Bernice, the only mechanic in this barren place, agrees to fix her car for a price. But the currency in this town is not legal tender, and Kimberly soon learns that the cost for repairs could be her life.
  • Don't Be Goin Deep by Peggy Dougherty, directed by Zona Meyer...The confines of a physical box cause Penelope to step outside a mental box. She opens up to life and discovers that more unites us than divides us.

Since it's creation, The Silver House Theatre remains committed to maintaining its uncompromising mission: to identify and nurture talented emerging artists working in diverse cultural contexts; to stimulate a broader audience and public context for these artists and their work; and to offer opportunities for these artists by providing a strong community base. Silver House has excelled in its mission to train promising artists toward success in the extraordinary world of the performing arts proving that it is indeed the City of Houston's most promising facility to promote young artists. It is here at the Silver House performers gain and develop their craft, technique, style, confidence, and professionalism which is key to their future growth and achievement as a performer.

Dates & Time: July 21-23, 2006 at 8pm

Silver House Theatre

1107 Chartres

Tickets are available at the Silver House Theater. The cost per ticket is $20.00. Each ticket includes access to all four shows and a complimentary buffet. For advanced tickets For additional information, please contact Silver House Theatre at 713-547-0126 or via email at

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