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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Casting call for RUS, a play with salsa and tango (New York)

I am a member of Black Theatre group and have a new piece that will be shown in NYC at HERE Arts Center in Feb/March 2008. This is by the same team that worked on my last piece Disposable Men. We have done a workshop production of it which went well and was very well received. If you know of anyone who might be right for the role below please email this to them.


James Scruggs


Produced by HERE Art Center
Text and video by James Scruggs
Directed by Kristin Marting
Music by Steve Adorno
Video effects by Hal Eagar
Production design by Michael O’Reilly

Please prepare a 2-3 minute classic monologue (preferably not Shakespeare).
You may also be asked to read cold and/or move.

Rus: A 40ish man of color (African American/ Latino). He is a dancer, a mambo dancer. He lives to dance. He works a menial job to survive. Married to a woman he fell very much in love with, and conflicted about his feelings for her and now finds it impossible to even discuss. He is not a worldly man, he is simple and direct and believes any emotional issues should be solved without professional help. Rus is Icarus, his marriage, his island jail, Sonny his wings of wax.

RUS, inspired by the myth of Icarus, is about boundaries, what happens when one becomes distracted and leaves the comforts of the world one knows, to experience an intense heightened pleasure-consumed existence. Incorporating video, text, an experimental video puppet rig and dance, this project is the fourth collaboration among Scruggs as writer/video designer, Kristin Marting as director/choreographer and Hal Eagar as media effects designer.

In the myth, Icarus became overwhelmed by the sensations he experienced from flight, which made him push past the limitations and rules of his world. In RUS, four characters—a husband and wife, the Other Man and a video puppet—inhabit this visceral world where dance and gesture become a type of communication and layered video projections suggest scenic elements, powerfully integrated into the storytelling. RUS’ textual layer follows the lives of the four characters: Rus is a mambo dancer with a day job, a passionate man of color who has lost the passion he once felt for his wife Sirene. She is a dancer as well and a very modern African American woman living in denial. Sonny calls himself a Sacred Intimate, but he really is a sex worker whose big attribute is his amazing lack of limitations. Rus and Sonny meet when Rus accidentally hits Sonny with his car. Their relationship is based on Rus’s enormous guilt, which Sonny uses to draw Rus into his dark world.

Workshops : 4-5 rehearsals Aug 15 –30 with excerpt presentation on early September and 4-5 rehearsals Oct - Nov with excerpt presentation on mid November.

Full production: Rehearsals: January 2- February 14. Rehearsals will mostly be full cast. We will rehearse approximately 30 hours a week. Our schedule will be a mixture of daytime and evening, dependent upon cast’s schedules.
Performances: four weeks, February 15 - March 15, Thurs - Mon 8:30pm

Pay: $150 for each workshop and $150 per week for regular rehearsals and performances

AEA - pending casting

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