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Monday, August 6, 2007

Seeking SCENES for Producers Pitch Reel ASAP

Found on Craig's List:

Seeking SCENES for Producers Pitch Reel
Date: 2007-08-06, 12:16PM PDT
La Unica Pictures is an independent production company that specializes in developing and producing high quality film and television projects featuring women and Latinos. We are currently developing an MOW for Lifetime Television, with Stars attached, and have another in development for CBS. In an effort to beef up our Feature Film roster we are creating a pitch reel that will be used to attract talent and investors. We are seeking SCENES from talented, cutting edge writers with the following themes: -male/female relationships -divorce -parent/child relationships -experiencing loss -Autism or childhood disorders -depression or alcoholism/addiction -con-artists -human struggle. Please submit a SCENE that depicts one of the above scenarios along with a synopsis of your script or story to If selected we will shoot your scene with a full cast and crew and a copy of the finished product will be made available to you to use for your own pitching purposes. Your entire script may be considered for option in the future but will be negotiated independently of this project.

This will be a wonderful, creative experience with TOP TALENT and will be great exposure. One of our directors is an ACADEMY AWARD nominee and our actors have major television and film experience.
We are also accepting SHORT FILM submissions. Please submit a PDF or WORD DOC only.

We are also seeking CREW. If you are an editor, DP, sound engineer, script supervisor who needs reel/credit please contact us ASAP.

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