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Sunday, January 27, 2008

"...Another Man's Poison" reading 2/4 (NYC)

You are invited to be our guest at the Equity Stage Reading of the play "...Another Man's Poison" by George O. Brome, directed by Connie Norwood, on Monday, February 4th, at
The Sage Theatre,
711 Seventh Avenue
(Between 47th and 48th Streets)
2nd FLoor
Readings at 2:30pm and 6:30pm. RSVP is required.
Admission Free

About the Play.
"...Another Man's Poison." reveals the irony of the sweet revenge of success set in the fascinating backdrop of primetime television.

When the struggling comedian, Frankie Masters, finally gets his shot at his own network television show in 1970, his imminent success exposes the hidden conflict and mounting turmoil of his personal life. This play takes place at a time before celebrity gossip and tabloid exposés were the norm. It takes a close look at lives intertwined -- where each character has a price to pay and a very personal life dilemma that will forever impact the other. It is a pivotal time in our history, where the Vietnam War, exposing the racial divide, and the politicizing of sexual identity all conspire to add depth and texture to the drama.

This potent play is a quintessential Hollywood story with a distinct New York bite. "...Another Man's Poison." is full of pointed humor, straightforward drama, and feeds our incessant desire to peer into the "making of a celebrity." It is a story of family, reaching for goals, and the choices that are made along the way.

The versatile cast lends a tense, but humorous hand in telling Frankie's story of how "ONE MAN'S FEAST IS ... ANOTHER MAN'S POISON."

The Cast.
Albert Johnson Christmas*, Penelope Darcel*, Neville Braithwaite,
Alex Emanuel*, Toni Stanton, Dennis Hearn*, Chuck Baron*

* Actors appearing Courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

To attend RSVP at
or call: Brown Paper Tickets 24/7 Ticket Hotline

Discussion of the play after each Reading.

Orielle Productions and Broliver Productions, Producers

Orielle Creative Company, LLC
419 Lafayette Street
New York, New York 10003

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