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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Henry Meyerson's JUMP JIM CROW opens 6/17 (NYC)



Henry Meyerson

Directed by

Tom Thornton

Will Be Produced at this Year’s

Midtown International Theatre Festival

Lawrence Floyd
Michael Gnat
Tom Thornton

The following dates are currently available.

July 17th, 6:15
July 20th, 7:00
July 25th, 8:30

Jump Jim Crow tells the story of Tom Rice, a white performer in black face, and his black friend and writer, Jack Washington, who develop a successful blackface act in the mid-19th Century. Strom Thurmond joins Tom’s act and encourages Tom to develop material that become the springboard, and justification, for Jim Crow laws.
Tix purchased at the box office are $18/per.Tix purchased through the playwright are $15/per. For the discount, contact: hank@henrymeyerson.com

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