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Friday, November 14, 2008

An AAPEX Testimonial from Von Washington, Artistic Director, WPI

I have been writing Plays that shed light on the African / African American experience for more than 35 years. Although I have experienced some success with having them produced by local, non-profession, and college theatres on numerous occasions, I have had a very difficult time, being a non-New Yorker, getting the attention of professional theatres to view and consider my work. More importantly, I have never had a space that I could consult that listed the theatres particularly interested in the African /African American experience in the world. Now, thanks to insightful individuals associated with AAPEX, I have a place to go to find out what is happening and what is available for those of us who are interested in the African / African-American experience in the world community. I check it daily and I am proud to be a member. It has provided me with numerous outlets for my work and the work of others. I hope they never go away and I want everyone to find out about them. And most importantly, I hope all the theatres of the world find an interest in the creations of African Americans and give them a chance to be included in the theatres of the world.

Von H. Washington, Sr., Ph. D
Artistic Director, WPI
Dir, Multicultural Theatre, WMU

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