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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

INSIDE URBAN HOLLYWOOD WITH TANYA KERSEY: Nikita S. Adams of Foxx/King Entertainment Interview

Hosted and produced by veteran entertainment journalist, commentator, author and film festival director Tanya Kersey, Inside Urban Hollywood airs live every Monday night at 6pm PST/9pm EST. This entertainment industry internet radio talk show features engaging, informative, compelling and up close and personal conversations with a wide range of Hollywood movers and shakers. The show is an interactive discussion that gives YOU, the audience, an inside look at Hollywood and the topics shaping the entertainment landscape. Listeners are welcome to call-in to ask questions at (646) 200-3290. Previous guests on Inside Urban Hollywood include talent manager/producer E. Brian Dobbins (Principato-Young Entertainment); Shelby Stone, Senior Vice President of Development and Production at Foxx-King Productions; Robyn Lattaker-Johnson, President, duBose Entertainment; producer/manager Lita Richardson; film financier/investor Steven Belser; distribution executives Brett Dismuke (One Village Entertainment), Angela Northington (Codeblack Entertainment) and Melvin Butters (Barnholtz Entertaiment), film financing consultant/author Louise Levison; film producer Effie T. Brown ("Real Women Have Curves"); distribution strategist Brian Dobbins (Principato-Young Entertainment); entertainment attorney Mychal Wilson; writer/director/producer Don B. Welch; film financier Kevin Kinsey, film distribution guru Stacey Parks; casting directors Twinkie Byrd and Pamela Station; filmmaker Dwayne Johnson-Cochran; Doreen Hamilton, head of the Cosby Program; Scilla Andreen, CEO of IndieFlix; and festival programmer Jacqueline Blaylock.

For those who want to follow the discussions on IUH, we have made a permanent click-through on the right side of our blog.

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