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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Off-Off-Broadway Average Production Costs

Thinking about putting on a show in a small theatre Off-Off-Broadway? Perhaps your own show? Well, the New York Innovative Theatre Foundation has come up with some sobering stats. Based on information sent back by 73 responding OOB theatres (out of over 350) in 2007, the report published in April of 2008 suggests that the AVERAGE cost per production is $18,000. This dollar amount does not reflect in-kind services or donations.
  • Approximately 36% of the budget is spent on performance space rental.
  • The average cost for a space during a 4-week run is $6,600 or $1,650/week or $470/performance.
  • The highest weekly rent reported was $4,000. The lowest $120.00.
  • The average playwright fee was $460-- or 3% of the budget.
  • 48% of the respondents pay the playwrights (royalties) while 52% do not.

You can read the full report here.

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