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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The HADLEY Players may lose its 30-year theatre space

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Help the HADLEYs - Open Dress Rehearsal

Hi all,
I rarely send mass emails, but we could use your support. As some of you may know, the HADLEY Players are fighting to keep their space at 207 West 133rd St. The HADLEYs have been housed for 30 years in the basement of the St. Phillips Church Community Center. The church leased the building to Democracy Prep Charter School and who have made it pretty clear that they want the company OUT. I am directing the HADLEY classic, A Bolt from the Blue. We were scheduled to open for previews tonight, Friday, March 27th. Without warning, we were locked out of the theater two days ago and thus unabe to tech or remove any personal property. A temporary agreement has apparently been reached and the show will go on this weekend, beyond that, remains to be seen. As we were unable to conduct technical rehearsals, you are invited to an open dress rehearsal tonight and tomorrow night. Admission is on a love offering basis (donate at your discretion). As most of you know. Ms. Jeanette is 94 years old and an icon here in Harlem and in Black Theater. Apparently, this lockout is not the first of the season and communication is breaking down rapidly. She is asking for a show of support. Obviously, tonight and tomorrow's performances will not be up to my usual standard because of the crucial lost days, but I ask that you come out anyway and give what you can.

Thanks for your support,
Pat Floyd

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  1. We must let the public know how Democracy Charter school has disrespected our elder and her work. Ms G has been a positive role model for many years to thousands of people. I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to expose the people who are "suppose" to be educating our children.
    Lateefah Abdul-Jabbaar