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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yvette Heyliger's WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? casting call (NYC)

The Billie Holiday Theatre is accepting submissions for WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?

Written and directed by Yvette Heyliger (www.twinbiz.com).

Producer: Marjorie Moon.

Non-Equity. Pay.

1st rehearsal: TBA.

REHEARSAL SCHEDULE: Tuesday-Friday - 6:30pm - 10:30pm, Saturday & Sunday - 11:00am - 7:00pm. PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE: Thursday-Friday at 8:00pm. Saturday at 3: 00pm & 8:00pm, Sunday at 4:00pm. The show runs April 30 - June 28, 2009 at the Billie Holiday Theatre, 1368 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY. You may e-mail picture and resume to Lawrence Evans at LEvans912@aol.com. Auditions by appointment only on Wednesday, April 1st.

WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? is an interfaith, intergenerational play about a God-fearing wife and mother whose exposure to HIV by her "down low" husband inspires her to take action when she asks… What would Jesus do? The surprising answer may just bring their Biblically-correct church to its knees! Live music infuses this timely and (unfortunately) still relevant story of HIV in America which challenges the faith and secular communities to do more to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic, starting with our houses of worship and our black theatres.


PASTOR ARTHUR HALL: Early-mid 40's. Concerned le ader of his flock. A Martin Luther King, Jr. type.

LEONTA WILSON (Understudy) : Mid-late 40's. Middle class, attractive wife and mother of two children.

JOHN WILSON, SR.: Late 40's. Attractive husband of Leonta. Middle class. Must be at least 6'2".

KIETA WILSON: 16 years old. Daughter of John and Leonta. Younger of their two children.

MOTHER WILSON: Mid-late 60's. Senior citizen, mother of John, Sr. Grandmother of Kieta. Jamaican. Lives with the family (aka Julia).

DAVID: 16 years old. Cute. Likes Kieta.

ANNE: Early-mid 30's. David's mother. Church soloist. Must be able to sing.MATTIE: Mid-late 60's. Senior citizen. Anne's mother and David's grandmother.

BROTHER JEDIDIAH: Mid-late 60's. Senior citizen. Mother Wilson' s new boyfriend and Mattie's ex-boyfriend.

DEACON BROWN: 40-50. A Christian zealot.

GERALDINE/SISTER ONE: Mid 20's-early 30's. Doubles as Women's Day committee member and guest speaker at Women's Day program who is beautiful lip-stick lesbian.

DELORES/SISTER THREE: Mid 20's-early 30's. Doubles as Women's Day committee member and as a homeless woman who speaks at Women's Day program.

MINISTER OF MUSIC: Pianist. Must read music. Some acting experience helpful.

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