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Monday, May 11, 2009

Reginald Edmund's SOUTHBRIDGE 5/20-23 (Athens, OH)

The 2009 Ohio University Seabury Quinn, Jr., Playwrights Festival
proudly premieres Reginald Edmund's
May 20-23, 2009

Ohio University, one of the nation's pre-eminent playwriting programs, proudly announces the opening of Reginald Edmund's Southbridge, directed by Vanessa Mercado Taylor, May 13-16 and 20-23. Named national runner-up for the Lorraine Hansberry and the Rosa Parks Playwriting Awards, Southbridge, is the true story of an almost unknown incident that occured in the small town of Athens, Ohio. In 1881, a widowed white woman is assualted, an angry mob screaming for blood outside the jail house door. The only way to untangle the truth about events is for the accused, Christopher C. Davis to look into the events that lead him to a tree stump in Athens, Ohio in the year 1881.

Starring: Tyler Rollinson (Christopher Davis), Clara Jackson (Nadia), Georgia Mallory Guy (Lucinda Luckey), Eric Lynch (Edwin Berry) Adam Meredith (Sheriff Warden).

This production is funded in part by the Lorraine Hansberry Playwriting Award, supported by the Kennedy Center Education Department.

PLAYWRIGHT'S BIO: REGINALD EDMUND (Playwright) authored Redemption of Allah Black, Juneteenth Street, The Ordained Smile of Saint Sadie May Jenkins, Picnics, Southpark: A City of The Bayou Story, and A Love Story. An MFA at Ohio University, Reginald Edmund-- the chosen Prince of Houston Urban Theatre, the Prophet of Southern Fried Culture-- is quickly rising as an emerging new voice for the American Theater. To find out more check out

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