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Monday, July 13, 2009

Call for Plays

Home for Theater Performers (HOME) is seeking submissions for their audition material database. Accepting plays, musicals and musical compositions with lyrics - this is a great opportunity to showcase your work, providing:

*Free performer access to your audition material
*Exposure to casting and creative teams
*A valuable resource to performers of all levels for new audition material

Please submit an entire typed script (if musical, professionally printed music- NO MANUSCRIPTS PLEASE) for best consideration. For songs only, please see below.

If the reviewed material contains an appropriate selection for use at auditions, you will be contacted by the administrator with the exact cut for use. At that time, you MUST sign a release allowing HOME to use the material in our database. Each time your work is introduced at auditions, your name and the selection of your work may be noted by Directors, Choreographers, and perhaps Producers. Your selections will be stored in a searchable database along with a link to your bio and your contact information.

You MUST own the rights to submitted work in its entirety. Collaborations MUST submit releases from ALL contributors to the development of the submitted work.

Please send non-musical scripts to
Please send musicals to

For more information about HOME, please click the post's title. Questions about the program should be addressed to Meredith Kaunitz at

If you would like to submit songs individually(apart from a score and without dialogue), you are welcome to do so with the understanding that it will be easier for us to find the best selections of your work for audition purposes if we have the context. Please include a description of the character and a context/song purpose blurb with the music submission.

Source: TRU

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