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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Help send a playwright to grad school

Here's an interesting approach to raise funds for grad school-- or to bring attention to the opening of your play. It was found on a recent Black Theatre Yahoo! Group email. AAPEX likes it and think it's something for playwrights to consider including in their efforts to get butts into seats and their name out there. Thanks to and digital video, its gotten a whole lot easier to make a promo for you and your show and harder to find excuses for why no one came to your premiere and why you're still laboring in anonymity. The accompanying email post is below.

My name is Jireh Aki and I am apart of the Production Company Colleagues. We are performing a play written by Christopher Aguilar about education, called "Dormed" Its Directed by Danny Ortiz. We Chris and Danny put this show together in three weeks, and the actors only had FIVE days before it opens. This is a NO BUDGET performance. But tickets are $10 dollars, and all of the proceeds go to venue Zombie Joes Underground Theater and to fund raise for Chris to go to Graduate school. Here is a link to our PROMO. com/watch? v=FnRdrzsyOWg

We would love for you to come to our performance with any of your friends or co-workers.

Thank you,
Jireh Aki

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