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Thursday, July 9, 2009

International Black Film Fest Submission deadline 7/31 (Nashville)

A little over 3 weeks left to submit works for Nashv ille's most important new film festival..

The International Black Film Festival of Nashville (IBFFN), established in 2006, is a collaboration of dedicated professionals who support the need for a “community” effort to bring African American and other Communities together to showcase their work as emerging and skilled independent filmmakers, actors, composers, screenwriters, directors and other film industry professionals.

“Defining Our Stories, Transforming the Image” as its organizational theme, IBFF strives to insure culturally accurate depictions in film with special emphasis on providing a forum for unheard, unseen and unknown viewpoints, and to showcase the rich creativity and diversity found in communities of color locally, nationally and internationally.

IBFFN Mission: “Through the art of film, we celebrate the richness, diversity and creativity of storytelling for the cultural enrichment, progression and education of communities worldwide.”

IBFFN is committed to:

Hosting a celebratory, culturally diverse, community inclusive, family friendly, festival that provides a source of education and entertainment for all participants.

Engaging people of all races and cultures in the support, development and enjoyment of culturally relevant depictions in film.

Creating an environment to showcase independent film from around the globe that accurately depicts the cultures, images, and traditions of all communities.

Introducing the work of Tennesseans in filmmaking to a larger national and international fi lm community.
Providing a venue for filmmakers to present their work, collaborate and network with one another, and to learn from industry professionals.

Educating children and young adults in the complex art of filmmaking.

Fostering global partnerships and collaborations among people from the visual and performing arts, music, radio, television, and film.

Attracting economic growth and development in Tennessee by bringing all aspects of the film and television industry into the state.

Training, preparing and equipping a skilled workforce in Tennessee to staff filmmaking projects.

IBFF looks forward to enriching and being of service to the community. We embrace the significance of creating an environment that will inspire, cultivate, and encourage.

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