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Monday, July 27, 2009

An Invitation from Garlia Cornelia Jones

Hello Hello!

Wanted to share the start of something wonderful that I will be working on... I have begun to interview people etc, about their work at the cell / their involvement in Blackboard Reading Series.

I share the following two links: "the cell is..."

"Blackboard Playwright Conversation" -

If you are not already following our youtube channel, I will be working on many more videos so if you are curious about what the cell is about, look there:

This is the start of something wonderful!

If you haven't come by the cell, please do so!... (If you are in NY)... it is a very fun place!

Love, Garlia--
Garlia Cornelia Jones
Masters of Fine Arts Candidate - Playwriting - The New School for Drama
Masters Candidate - African American and African Diaspora Studies - Indiana University
Founder and Artistic Director - Black Curtain - Indiana Univeristy
Founder - Blackboard Reading Series @thecell

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