OBAMANOLOGUES Opens Tonight! (DC) — Obamanologues — AAPEX

Friday, September 25, 2009


Flashpoint Theatre
916 G Street, NW
Washington, DC
September 25, 2009 – October 11, 2009

Do you think you've seen and heard all there is to know about the 2008 Presidential Campaign? Well, think again because Obamanologues is a new, vibrant, daring and thought-provoking theatrical production!
Obamanologues (pronounced Obama-nalogs) is a theatrical play whose title is the intersection of the two words: Obama and monologues.
Obamanologues comprises eleven chronological monologues each reflecting individual perspectives on Barack Obama's Journey to the White House.
Each monologue is presented by a different character (i.e., actor). The characters are as diverse as the public affected by Barack Obama's political campaign.With stories ranging from rebellious to spiritual to scholarly to controversial, Obamanologues depicts emotions and behaviors displayed by people in living rooms, classrooms, bus stops, and churches across this nation.
**Sept. 25th - 7pm
Sept. 26th - 7pm
Sept. 27th - 2pm
Sept. 30th - 7pm
Oct. 1st - 7pm
Oct. 2nd - 7pm
Oct. 3rd - 7pm
Oct. 4th - 2pm
Oct. 7th - 7pm
Oct. 8th - 8:30pm
Oct. 9th - 7pm
Oct. 10th - 7pm
Oct. 11th - 2pm
**Opening Night
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  1. Thanks for this info. Gonna see if I can make it this weekend.

    Looks like it'll either be amazingly good or painful to sit through. :)