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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blackboard Reading Series Call For Plays (NYC)

Thanks to all who attended Shaun Neblett's Homage 1: Illmatic, last week!

We had a wonderful crowd, dynamic talk-back and lovely reception!

There was a true sense of community, yet again! Thank You!

Check out our photos on our website:


Playwrights: SEND samples of your plays, we will select and you will present 10 pages

Actors: Come to be cast in a play and cold-read... arrive early by 7pm

The Fun begins during COMMUNITY EVENINGS!

See you, December 14th, 7:30pm @ the cell!

Playwrights, send the scripts to this address (

Stay Tuned for more videos, and interviews from Blackboard Reading Series!

BlackBoard Reading Series
2nd Mondays
the cell theatre
338 W. 23rd (23rd b/t 8th and 9th Ave.)

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