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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Michael McKeever's MELT 2/18-28th (Miami)

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I want to personally extend an invitation to you to attend the preview night of the play Melt on Thursday, February 18th. Melt will be shown at Actor’s Playhouse on Miracle Mile at 8pm.
Melt tells the story of an African American brother and sister, a Jewish father and son and a Hispanic mother and her son who find their lives intertwining over social and moral issues as seen from the perspective of each culture. A highly motivated group of community professionals have committed to fund raise to donate to the community approximately half of the tickets to various relevant groups, such as, community based and civic organizations, high school students, academicians, clergy and members of local fire and police departments to truly make it a ‘ONE COMMUNITY, ONE PLAY’ event.
If you are interested in attending the play on February 18th, or learning more about the project please contact me here.

Thank you.
Cameron Sisser

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