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Monday, March 22, 2010

Call for Plays

I am forwarding an email from my friend Thomas Donnarumma, who runs the theatre program at Iona College. Please feel free to contact Tom with either one acts or scenes from full length plays which you might enjoy having his students workshop over the next year. I am particularly interested in having him look at any scripts which I have worked on or communicated about with you. Regarding scenes from full length plays, I am going to speak to him to see if he wants to read full scripts or if specific scenes should be selected and submitted individually.

Regarding Tom - he is one of the many young actors who worked for the national touring company which I managed from 1990 - 1997. In recent months, I have begun to re-establish communications with a number of these folks, many of whom are now artistic directors and producers in their own right. Hopefully this will open doors for AAPEX around the country - and since these guys all know one another from touring together, whatever gets in to the mix will enjoy a "buzz" within that network. In the meantime, I have been following Tom's work with great interest and have been very impressed with the wide variety of projects which have come from his corner and with the manner in which he is promoting the work done by his students at his department. It is in great contrast to many of the academic contacts I have, most of whom seem to want to keep what they are doing a secret! Anyone who has the opportunity to work with him should be amply rewarded.

If you do decide to contact Tom regarding your work, please keep me in the loop so that I can bring to his attention any developmental work we have done on the script in question and so that I can include a letter of recommendation with your submission.


Hello Friends:
I am looking for playwrights that have unpublished one acts plays or scenes from full length plays that would like to have them work shopped at Iona College. I am looking to have about a 5 week rehearsal period followed by a staged reading. The staged reading will include a discussion and answer session after the reading. Playwrights that have published works, but are looking to rework them are also welcomed. The performances for these staged readings will occur during the first week of November and then in March. There is no pay for these readings or a fee for submitting and the staged readings will be performed by student actors. These readings will be rehearsed and performed at the college. If interested or you know anyone else who might be interested, please contact me at my email or at my phone number, 212 - 946 - 5576.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas Donnarumma

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