Saturday, March 6, 2010


I think I'm starting to gestate a play.

I haven't wanted to write a play in 30 years, so I may have to give in to my repressed play writing gene.

The title of this play is GETTING ON OPRAH and has to be about this character who has some kind of bizarre obsession with getting on the Oprah show. I think it should be an absurdest satire of some kind of bizarre Tyler Perry reactionary world with infusions of Ionesco. The mortal screech for recognition which is in all of us.

Why do I want to write this play? Because I think I should have been on Oprah by now for SOMETHING - like some 25 new AAPEX play readings and projects of new works by "Black Playwrights."

And if I could get on Oprah, maybe I could bring some other people to Oprah's attention who could get on Oprah too.

Honestly, I would rather be on Oprah than on Broadway.

And you know what - I'd like to see YOU on Oprah.

But it doesn't look like I'm going to get on Oprah, which irks me, and when I get irked, I always write a play.

And in that play -WE'RE ALL GONNA BE ON OPRAH!

Such is the power of the playwright.


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