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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who is Klehotas Tshyre?

Klehotas Tshyre

He's an African-American playwright who does what AAPEX advocates for all playwrights: Get pro-active with your career. As the founder of the Spellbound Conservatory in Harlem, he is in essence producing his own work (see below from his Facebook page) which is prolific, sounds exciting and fun:

Playwright Director
Klehotas Tshyre

If there’s blood on the stage floor, a pistol under the sofa cushion stage left and a body upstage fatally stabbed or better yet beheaded then chances are it’s a Klehotas Tshyre play presented by his very own Spellbound Conservatory (the production company that produces his work. ) Essentially a writer of black mystery melodrama and sci-fi fantasy plays the works of Tshyre is as bizarre as it gets.

A resident of the Harlem community Tshyre is A 31 year veteran of the American theater. His recent works include Chastity of Hearts, The Way Knights Fall, Gwendolyn’s Cellar, Lyonns in the Fire and Memories Don’t Die to name a few.

Actors in Tshyre’s plays must have high energy and a strong emotional apparatus. Often the plays are three acts with strong often lengthy dialogue, intense stage combat, including stunts (one woman was thrown down the steps in Chastity of Hearts), others characters are shot, stabbed, chopped up, burned, thrown out windows and get this…even eaten. But it’s not about the violence Tshyre’s says.

“It’s the social dilemma. We live in a pathological society. But there is another side to my dramas.”

To find out more about the works of Klehotas Tshyre visit his up and coming website (Soon to be announced). Until then, check out his reading of Land of Ivy this Saturday at 1:30 at the Countee Cullen branch of the New York Public Library (104 W 136th St). To visit his Facebook page, please click the post's title.


  1. Listen to Mr. Tshyre on www.blogtalkradio/manifestationofhigherself , he is speaking of his work, drama, healing and life purpose on "Its ONLY Natural', with host Laurelle Sharpe!!!! Check it out!

  2. When it comes to theatre that has imagery and substance, Mr. Tshyre has been a force in the Harlem community with his many dramstic stage plays. From Gwendolyn's Celler to his most current work, we can always rely on scene effects and dialog that engages us as spectators of community theatre. Founder of Sopellbound Conservatory in Harlem, he is in the forefront of community theatre at its best.

  3. Interesting, most would fear to excel such boundaries in play writing I respect that Tshyre does not allow that to be a limit to his work. Life has no filter makes sense in the matter when creating play about life to not have one as well; A clear message is an understood message.