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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Call for African American Stories for TV

The following request was found on To submit to this request you need to sign up to InkTip's Preferred E-Newsletter which costs $50/4 months. Once you become a member, InkTip will send you once a week encrypted leads from an average of six producers looking for scripts. You can find out more information by clicking the post's title.

Nasser Entertainment Group - African American Stories for TV

We are looking for completed feature-length contemporary scripts featuring African American stories for a television audience. What this means is submissions absolutely cannot have nudity or sex scenes, foul language, political or religious themes, or gore. As television MOW audiences also tend to be more female than male, stories with female leads overcoming obstacles are preferred.

Budget will not exceed $2 million. Only non-WGA writers should submit at this point in time.

Our credits include "Courage," which will be airing on May 15 on GMC, the Gospel Music Channel, which is currently available in 48 million homes. "Courage" was discovered through InkTip, as were many other television movies we've produced.

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