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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Work for Alicia Keys

Playwrights, until you sell that Broadway destined play, why not apply for this job? Who knows, you might just be what Ms. Keys is looking for. Just make sure your grammar is better than the one in the ad below (Keys possessive is Keys' not Keys's). You can apply for the job by clicking the post's title. Good luck!

Head Blogger

ATTENTION: Public Relations Rock Stars, Bloggers & Social Media Moguls! – Work for Alicia Keys!

Yes, THE Alicia Keys! This is an Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Alicia Keys’s voice has reached millions, but she needs your help to blast it into the blogosphere! If you have what it takes, you could be the Head Blogger for the new site The goal of (I Am A Super Woman) is to create an online community connecting, inspiring, and broadcasting important topics related to women. You will be the main voice of the website aiming to motivate and encourage women all over the globe! This is an opportunity to turn your creative writing, blogging, and social media skills into a promising career within the Arts & Entertainment industry.

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