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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Special Tribute to Mothers on DeeWorks Live! Today

On Friday, I was driving home and the song "Mama" by Boys to Men came on, I must admit that song chokes me up whenever I hear it, thoughts and memories of my mother flooded my mind and I could feel the tears begin to well up in my eyes. "Enjoy the song, don't cry" I told myself, "you're driving and you don't have tissue". I think of my mother every day and mother's day can sometimes be hard because my mom is no longer living. Remembering her jolly laughter and thinking back on how incredibly smart, creative, and talented she was always helps me. Most of all, remembering how much she loved her children and family up to her last breath, how beautiful she looked when we said goodbye and knowing that she was done with the troubles of this world brings bittersweet solace on Mother's Day. Shirley Mae Powell you are the queen of my heart. RIP.
Dee Spencer

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