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Sunday, June 20, 2010

DeeWorks Live! 4pm to 7pm Today

Happy Father's Day from DeeWorks Live!

To everyone who is celebrating Father's Day, we send you best wishes and fond memories. For me, it is again one of those bittersweet rememberance days that break my heart and yet brings a smile to my face. The message that I would like to share is that Fathers, it is never too late to make amends with your children if your relationship is non-existent or compromised. Make the move to make amends while you yet have breath. To the men who have stepped forward to father children that you did not birth, we extend to you the 6.2 second hands clapping from DJ DMix (smile). Tune in today to hear the poem I wrote in tribute to My Father.

"Because of You" by Dee Spencer

Because of you, I know what a father's love feels like, looks like, smells like, cares like, be's like.

Because of you I know that a father's love feels like the one and only time I remember you whipping my butt because my grades weren't exactly right.

My heart sank with hurt because I thought you didn't love me, Man that feeling kept me up all night

Because of you I know that a father's love looks like 6'3........tune into DeeWorks Live! today to hear me recite the full poem live on the air.
To tune in, please click the post's title.

You are invited to call in and give your Father's Day wishes, greetings, tributes

1-877-849-1975 or 1-866-490-2234

Too shy to talk over the air? Go to the shout box and type your greeting we will read it over the air or put the message on our facebook wall.

Today's special guest will be:
Anthony L. Elder,
author of
The Common Man's Book
Your Intangible Assets
"Five Simple Ways to Success"

Tune in to find out how I met Denzel Washington ummmm hmmmm, you want to know don't you

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