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Saturday, February 12, 2011

AAPEX Interview: Saida Leekong

Saida Leekong

I was excited when Stella Adler acting instructor Benard Cummings took me up on my request to cast actors from among his students for the ensemble for our upcoming NYC reading of Alan Aymie's RAP at The Players Club on Gramercy Park.

I certainly didn't expect to find myself working with anyone from Clarkesville, Tennesse, a neighbor city of Nashville and home to the fabulous Roxy Theatre
But I am and her name is Saida Leekong - now there's a good ol' Tennessee name for you!

Saida is exotically beautiful, she must be talented to be studying at Stella Adler, and I can tell from our communications that she is clearly ambitious. It's always a treasure to be able to work with a young actor of this caliber.

 In addition to her studies at Stella Adler, Saida is also a cheerleader for the NY Jets.

Here's what Saida has to say for herself:

"Theatre and the Arts played a huge role in my childhood and upbringing. I can not recall a time that I was not involved the Arts. I have always been passionate about the arts; my mother was very influential on me and encouraged self-expression through the arts at a young age. She enrolled me in dance at 4 years old and from that time I dabbled in everything from gymnastics, art classes, even piano. However, my passion for acting stuck.

I began acting training at nine years old ( the youngest student at the time) at the Roxy Regional Theater under the direction of John McDonald. I was very serious about my " craft" ( as they say in the acting world)  From a  very young age I knew there was no other path for me. 

I live by the idea that growth as an actor and as a person are synonymous, which is the foundation of teaching at Stella Adler. I still consider myself a very young artist, so my evolution is daily. I think that all artists are continually growing and learning more about themselves through their craft. 

I have been truly blessed. Upon moving to New York I spent my first months here as a 2010 New York Jets Cheerleader. I am also a full time student at Stella Adler conservatory. In addition to my already full schedule I balance a career as a professional dancer and upcoming actress. I am excited to be starting my new year off with my first New York stage production at the prestigious Players Club.

I had a great upbringing in Clarksville, Tennessee and theater and the arts played a huge role in my childhood. The Roxy Regional Theater is a great treasure, that offers alot of opportunities to young and new actors. I also am a graduate of Clarksville High School which has an amazing four year theater program under the direction of Barbara WesnerThere are several outlets for the arts in Clarksville. others trained before me under McDonald and Wesner have also gone on to have careers in acting. 

God has blessed me to be able to follow my dreams and represent my hometown proudly and thank those who gave me and many others an opportunity."

Please join us on Monday, April 4th, at The Players Club in New York City for our reading of RAP, winner of the AAPEX Best New Play 2011 award. For reservations and further information, contact Jaz Dorsey, Dramaturg, The African American Playwrights Exchange, by email at jazmn47@aol.com

Along with Saida, the cast features James Brown-Orleans, Mr. Jimmy Gary, Terrence Epps, Lindel Sandlin, Jason Gray, Adriana Spizuvoco, David Hartstone, Aaron Wright and Mark Barlow.

To Contact Saida, please click post's title.

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  1. God Bless you Saida as you reach your Goal!