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Monday, May 30, 2011

The AAPEX Catalog

Just to let everyone know, after 4 years of research which has included over 40 new play readings in cities around the country - which has involved pulling lots of rabbits out of lots of hats -  I can define the AAPEX mission.

AAPEX is a Literary organization, not a theatrical one.

I would like to think that we will all have the joy of seeing our plays produced in our lifetimes. Posthumous fame isn't all it's cracked up to be.

However, I feel it is more important for me at this point to make sure that your scripts are read and studied.

The internet offers us amazing new options and opportunities for making out work available, so the next phase of our progress will be to research and develop an AAPEX catalogue.

Also, while we are on the subject, Alan Woods, Director of the Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee theatre archives at Ohio State has established an AAPEX archive and everyone should consider getting your scripts into the archive. You can find a link to the site on the right.

This idea was first planted in my head by AAPEX founding member and our blog editor, Dave Copeland. If you have not visited the blog lately, check out the interviews with many of our members.

If any one would like to assist with this, please let me know. I could especially use input from any librarians among you.

Also, if you are not a member of the Dramatists Guild, please join.


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