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Saturday, May 5, 2012

AAPEX: Changing lives one playwright at a time

This is from Dennis Corcoran, the St. Louis playwright who wrote THE CONVERSATION. As a result of our reading, the play was picked up and is headed for a second reading at the NY Irish Arts Center shortly:

You know, Jaz ... you've changed my life. Not because of your posts but because of The Conversation in NYC in November, which was all my money but not a lot of it, all things considered, and which introduced me to a number of interesting people, some of whom are still very much a part of my life.

Because of that, indirectly as a result, I have been working with two AEA, SAG-AFTRA folks in NY on my next play. Ruth has proven to be a most generous, kind, open-hearted spirit. Denise, the dancer, is such a willing subject, so full of life and easy to smile. And because of them, I have actualy considered, though briefly, putting on a Beckett play in NY. After researching the cost, I surrended without firing a shot - OMG!

But just the name "NY" carries such wow-power here in St. Louis - it's ridiculous but those who learn of the reading, past or coming this week, all say "wow", as though it means the play is something more than it is or that I am something more than I am. And while that's all smoke and mirrors, and uncomfortable for that reason, it's an amazing experience nonetheless.

Because of all that, I am amazed by you. And then you send out notes like this ... and I read them, very carefully. I think about them. I, in effect, study them. You're so much easier to take than a book on theatre by x-authority ... in fact, you're a joy to take.

Anyway - we have rehearsal and I am both directing (or it is directing me) and in it. So, I need to be off book TODAY! Must get back to it.

Thank you, Jaz, for ... for so much.

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