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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rabbit Hole Dramaturg

Private Eye: I've told you everything I know.
Police Chief: You ain't told me shit.
Private Eye: True, but it's everything I know.

From WALKING SHADOW by Robert Parker

One of the greatest moments of my human existence was that moment that was the first moment that I went down the rabbit hole with Alice. The curious mental and physical experience of reading Carroll's description of Alice's fall and then traveling through Wonderland with her is the most profound example of the power of literature I can reference from my life time. And that is why my aesthetic position is that every evening in the theatre should be like a fall down the rabbit hole.

The next two weeks in Nashville, Tennessee is going to be an explosion of new theatre and new tumbles down the rabbit hole, starting with tonight's preview of THE NUTTY PROFESSOR and rolling in to next week with a theatrical double header when UMBRELLA and ANGELS WITHOUT WINGS open on August 2nd - UMBRELLA at Bongo Java on Belmont Boulevard and ANGELS at The Darkhorse on Charlotte Pike. I am pleased to point out that these two local shows both got on their feet earlier this year with readings at The Looby Theatre as events in the Metro Nashville Parks Theatre Department's NEW PLAY READING SERIES, which it has been my honor to curate.

Come to Nashville and Go to the Theatre.

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