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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Call for screenplays

The following listing is through's weekly screenplay requests. To access the contact, you must purchase a $50.00 4-month membership (an average of 6 leads a week for 16 weeks). Still, this is rare finding a producer looking for these specifics.

Company A

We are looking for completed, feature-length scripts already written for an African-American lead in the 40s to 50s range, think Cuba Gooding Jr. The script MUST be written with this casting requirement in mind as we are not interested in changing the lead role. We are open to various genres EXCEPT horror, sci-fi, period pieces or musicals. Other than that, we are open.

Budget will not exceed $5 million. Both WGA and Non-WGA writers may submit.

For more information on gaining access to this lead, please see

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