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Friday, November 2, 2012

AAPEX Interview: Richarda Abrams

Richarda Abrams tackles a compelling new role in Lorca Peress' production of Fengar Gael's THE ISLAND OF NO TOMORROWS. Here's what Richarda has to say about herself and her role.

What role did theatre and the arts play in your chilldhood and upbringing? 
I was born into a musical family, and I was exposed to the arts from birth in my native city of Chicago, Illinois. I was always fascinated by the art of drama even as a child. In fact the first play I performed in I was two years old. During my formative years I participated in various arts be it acting, dancing or music with companies, camps, and at family gatherings.

Tell us about your own evolution as an artist.
After moving to New York, I attended The Professional Children's School, and I joined a small theater company and made the decision that acting was to be my career choice. From there I was accepted into NewYork University's, Tisch School of the Arts, Experimental TheaterWing, where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honors in Drama. At NYU I was exposed to the Experimental Theater scene and New York Theater at large. I then received my Master of Arts degree in Educational Theater from NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture,Education, and Human Development. Through Steinhardt, I attended an abroad program with the University of Leeds, Bretton Hall College and was exposed to the work of London's West End Theatres and all of England's theatre scene. After graduation, joining all the actor's unions: Actors' Equity Association, Screen Actors Guild, and The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, I traveled and worked locally, regionally, and internationally in England, Italy, France, Europe, Denmark, Finland and Ukraine. Later I was accepted into the lifetime membership of The Actors Studio where I continue working on my craft. Recently I was also accepted into the membership of the League of Professional Theatre Women and also New York Women in Film and Television.

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What are the challenges of your role in ISLAND OF NO TOMORROWS and what excites you about this play?
The challenge for me is the Argentinian accent. I am constantly listening to my source material and refining my speech. It is important for me to be truthful in my work. I am excited to work with Lorca Peress and Fengar Gael again. Both are members of the League of Professional Theatre Women. Lorca is one of the co-presidents of the League. We had an occasion to work together on another one of Fengar Gael's* plays for the League last year "Morpho Genesis", another wonderful female driven work. Women's stories aren't told enough in theater today. That is why it is so important to work on plays focused on women's story lines, written, produced, directed by, and staffed by women. We have a voice and many stories to share. So this is a treat to be reunited with Lorca and Fengar and to work with this wonderful cast and production team of "The Island of No Tomorrows" (please note, the show runs from Nov 8-18th at the Interart Theatre in  NYC).

What are two or three of your personal goals for the future?
I've performed many one person shows written by other people in the past. So I am now completing my own one person show "First By Faith: The Life of Mary McLeod Bethune". I have already debuted parts of it and spoken to producers who have expressed an interest in viewing the completed play. I plan touring next year and introducing new audiences to the work of this wonderful pioneer and advocate of education. In my years of working I have been on many televisions shows. I am looking forward to getting back into television work. There are some wonderful television shows today that deal with real issues. I admire the work of many of the writer/producers such as Shonda Rhimes.

Richarda Abrams

*Links to an informative and inspiring in-depth interview of the playwright.


  1. Great article! To get tickets to Richarda's current show, go to www.smarttix.com and type in The Island of No Tomorrows. The show runs Nov. 8-18 at the Interart Theatre at 500 W. 52nd St., in NYC. Check out the video: http://www.indiegogo.com/TheIslandOfNoTomorrows?a=82465

  2. Richarda is phenomenal...go see her!