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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

AAPEX Actors Reading Room

AAPEX Actors Reading Room.
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Dear Playwrights and Filmmakers,

When I left the graduate dramaturgy program at VCU in 1980, I walked away wondering exactly what the #%&amp a dramaturg, or dramaturge, was supposed to do? 

I got to test the waters in my home town of Atlanta during the 1980s and, after a brief stint as the Assistant to the Directors at The Alliance Theatre, for which I was not temperamentally suited, I took myself down to the Margaret Mitchell branch of The Atlanta Public Library and requested a room in which to set up a place for actors and other theatre artists, and theatre goers, to research local productions. 

At that time, as some of you may remember, when we did research, we used books. 

Needless to say, I was young and under the illusion that such adventures would appeal to other artists, but sadly mistaken. Very few people were interested in going to the library, so I stopped wasting my time and moved on to other things. 

Now we have the internet and things have changed and we can share whatever via the internet, so I have decided to reboot The Actors Reading Room and to use it to promote the playwrights and plays that I am working with. 

Anytime you are ready to discuss how this will work with me, just hit me back. The best plays to position here are ones which would require actors to do historical research, but plays that involve social issues are also good to explore. I look forward to chatting with any one who is interested. You can reach me here.

Jaz Dorsey
Dramaturg and Founder of AAPEX

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