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Friday, June 1, 2007

AAPEX Invites You To Ohio For THE FAMILY LINE June 23rd

The African American Playwrights Exchange invites you to join us on Saturday, June 23 for a reading of THE FAMILY LINE by Peter Lawson Jones of Cleveland, Ohio. THE FAMILY LINE will be presented by Greg Stahlworth and Emerald Entertainment. The reading is generating quite a bit of excitement because, in addition to being a playwright, Mr. Jones is also the county commisioner for Cuyahoga County, Ohio (county seat Cleveland).

AAPEX is also honored and excited to have our inaugural event in the incredible state of Ohio, a state which has made and contiues to make amazing contributions to the art of the African American playwright.

For more information on the reading and Emerald Entertainment' s other June 23rd production, please go to www.emeraldentertainment.net. For more information on AAPEX (The African American Playwrights Exchange) please contact dramaturg Jaz Dorsey at jazmn47@aol. com.

Talent is NOT a geographical phenomenon. Come to Ohio and go to the theater.

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