Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

The AAPEX Poem

WE are about to break the mirror of American history
And the shards shards shards
Will fill the yards yards yards
of happy people having
a happy land
a happy world
and a Happy New Year
2010, here we come!

(Thank you, Edgar Alan Poe!)

Be ready for AAPEX readings in Atlanta, New York, Nashville, London & Oxford (Mississippi)

Black Writers celebrates 10 Years in 2010

Black Writers Reunion & Conference celebrates ten years of empowering and inspiring Black writers
10th anniversary conference to offer an extensive range of informative seminars and hands-on workshops for aspiring and emerging writers
Atlanta, Georgia – December 28, 2009 – Summer 2010 marks the 10th anniversary of the country’s premier writing conference for African-American professional, freelance and aspiring writers. From June 23 to 26, the Black Writers Organization will host the 6th Black Writers Reunion & Conference.

The conference features more than two dozen informative seminars and hands-on workshops on the craft and business of writing, publishing, and self-publishing, presented by such distinguished publishing veterans as award-winning authors Stacy Hawkins Adams (WATERCOLORED PEARLS), Sharon Ewell Foster (PASSING BY SAMARIA), Gwynne Forster (FOOLS RUSH IN), and Renee Daniel Flagler (founder, Self-Publishing Symposium), professors Dr. Jewell Parker Rhodes (Arizona State University), Dr. Venise Berry (University of Iowa), Dr. Angela Benson (University of Alabama), Tonya Evans, Esq. (Widener University School of Law), and many other bestselling writers, screenwriters, editors, literary entrepreneurs, and industry professionals.
This exceptional event gives all aspiring and professional writers the opportunity to learn from industry insiders about writing, publishing, writing careers, and formulating a successful writing business. The conference hosts a wide range of attendees—from beginning writers and aspiring novelists to published authors, editors, and other publishing veterans.
As in previous years, the BWRC will include social gatherings and networking events, readings, manuscript consultations, writing contests, critique sessions, and the Author Expo book signing event which features up to 50 prolific African-American authors and poets. Admission to the Author Expo is free and open to the public.
Several workshop theme tracks have been established for the 2010 conference. They include:

The Craft of Writing – writers who are interested in getting their manuscripts written will benefit from the elements of fiction series on character development, plotting, dialogue and style, narrative and description, point of view, scene and setting, and theme along with how to turn ideas into stories, develop emotion, and write romantic and Christian fiction.
The Business of Publishing – renowned literary experts will lead workshops on a variety of subjects, including what writers should know about literary law, bookkeeping for writers, crafting enticing news releases, and self-publishing and marketing your own book.
Beyond Books – these workshops will allow writers to explore other avenues in writing and publishing, such as public speaking, travel writing, screenwriting, playwriting, and how to profit from your poetry.
The BWRC will also offer post-conference workshops on “Writing the Non-Fiction Book” (Dr. Anita Heiss), “Writing the Novel – Story and Structure” (Dr. Venise Berry), and “Start Your Own Editing Firm” (Michelle Chester).
Pre-registration is required for all workshops and seminars. The Holiday Registration Special of $265 ends December 31, 2009. Early registration of $295 ends April 30, 2010. General registration ends June 14. Discounted group rates of $95/night at the hosting W Atlanta Perimeter Hotel expire June 2. For more information about Black Writers Reunion & Conference, visit or email conference (at)
Established in 2000, the Black Writers Reunion & Conference is well known for its engaging workshop presenters, outstanding topics, inspirational ambience, and professional organization. While BWRC welcomes participants of any race, BWRC is the only touring conference with the added cultural bonus of being presented both by and for Black writers.
About the Black Writers Organization:
The Black Writers Organization’s mission is to educate, support, and empower aspiring, emerging, and published writers. A nonprofit literary arts association, we promote and encourage artistic expression and growth through skill development in the art, craft, and business of creative writing in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama as well as business and career endeavors in professional writing.
For more information:

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Message from Gary Garrison, Founder of The Loop

Dear Ones:

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but I’m here – in the background – reading your posts, listening to your chats, giving a word of advice here and there. The new year is upon us. And I wanted to take a moment to remind you of something:You’ve been given a gift. You’re a Wordsmyth, a Word Warrior, the Brilliant Developer of the Dramatic Idea. You have the ability to create intricate, dimensional worlds and to people them with infinitely interesting, complex beings in such a way that folks here on this tiny planet will smile wide with recognition, burst at their seams with laughter or sink low in their seats from great sadness. You have the ability to make whole groups of people THINK about their lives, their loves, their relationships, their histories, their politics and to take an action – a real action – because of something you question, say, show, demonstrate or illuminate.

That’s a pretty powerful notion, no?

So use it. Use it however you can. Take the year ahead and blow it out of the fuckin’ water, baby. Of course we’d all like a big, ol’ shiny brand new production of one of our plays. And for some of us, that’s going to happen. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t be highly productive, creative, purposeful writers that leave a footprint everywhere we step.

I know it’s frustrating sometimes. I know you lose your direction, or passion, or purpose, or drive, or energy sometimes. I know time’s short, money’s tight and life’s hectic. I know the theatre community is fickle and unfair and unkind sometimes. And I know you can write for weeks/months/years with little to no recognition. But that’s the price you pay for being given a gift that few have and so many treasure.

You are the Writer, the Brilliant Developer of the Dramatic Idea. In your mind are all the solutions to the problems I’m trying to solve in my life. Help me out. Write your stories. Show me the way.

Write well,

Gary (Garrison)
Founder, The Loop

Visit The Loop Online at:

Source: The Loop

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Call for Plays (Limited Time Offer)

This is the best source for submission opportunities, residencies, agent addresses, contests, etc. A limited number of copies are available to non-Guild members. If you'd like to take a look, go to:

This is the bookstore page. Free shipping is available to anyone who includes this code: DGRM2010 when they process the order. They can use this with the Resource Manual, and any other books or set of books from Focus.

Visit The Loop Online at:

Source: The Loop

Monday, December 28, 2009

Save the date - Mon. Feb 8 MRS STREETER @ The Dramatists Guild (NYC)

If you are interested in attending or would like more information, let me know. The reading is at 6 pm.
Mommy dearest, move over - Irene Streeter is on a roll.


I want to issue a special invitation to you scholars who have become part of the AAPEX network.
Dr. Frank Dobson, Executive Director of The Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center at Vanderbilt University, has invited AAPEX back to Vanderbilt for Black History Month 2010.
The program I have put together is pretty much my thesis in African American history as seen through the eyes of playwrights. In particular it deals with the social repercussions of The Emancipation Proclamation as embodied by 6 amazing African American Women
This is the program:
Opening monologues from HANNAH ELIAS by Nathan Ross Freeman and Johnie L. Gardner of Winston Salem.
ON BEING BROUGHT FROM AFRICA TO AMERICA by Phylis Wheattley, first African American, male or female, to publish a book.
THE PEN IS MIGHTIER by Gregory Carr of St. Louis - a quick look at the life of 19th Century journalist Ida B. Wells and her crusade against lynching.
BLACK SILK STOCINGS by Dr. Imelda Hunt of Toledo, Ohio, 4 monologues profiling Harriett Tubman, Lorraine Hansbury, Amelia Boynton Robinson and Rosa Parks.
We are delighted to have in our cast Karamu veteran Helen "Olaketi" Shute Pettaway, Hazel Joyner Smith, Executive Director of The International Black Film Festival of Nashville and local leading lady LaToya Gardner. And negotiating with a prominent music publisher from Music Row to portray Abraham Lincoln.
This will take place at 8 pm on the third Friday in February, 2010. Please plan to join us.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

DeeWorks Live! 4pm to 7pm Today

On today's show meet the fabulous Singer/Songwriter, Author of Ritta Book and Ritta Learning Doll, Cynthia “Lady Rose” Roberson. Ms. Roberson is a well-known singer and song writer, flooring audiences from the famous Apollo Theater in New York City to Sapporo Japan. As a dedicated mother and Educational Media Specialist for Newark Public Schools, this modern day educator is using her gift of creativity and artistic accomplishments to enhance the quality of learning in the school library media center through what she calls, "The Arts in Language Arts".
By using the arts of music, drama, dance, poetry, with arts and crafts, students are encouraged to build on those innate strengths to overcome their weaknesses. This specialist understands that her students possess unique talents and special abilities that standardized testing don’t measure or account for. Since all learners are different, the RITTA BOOK™ concept provides a variety of teaching methods to better match the variety of learning styles and interests that students bring into the media center, making teaching and learning a more appealing and rewarding experience for both students and educators alike.

Other Show Highlights:
Don't miss the great music played by DJ DMix. He is spinning the tunes that make you say "ooooo weeee, that is my jam." Sis Peeola has informed us that she will now be doing Celebrity Gossip - not really sure how that could turn out for any of us, but maybe that means she won't be singing. (We can only hope - lol ). Chef Jesse Jones will be bringing his "Tips from Chef Jesse" segment.

We have lots more in store for you, Dee Spencer and Kevin Foushee will keep things lively and entertaining as well. Be sure to check us out on our live UStream TV channel where you can watch us live at

Join our network at

Want to contact us, advertise with us, be a guest on the show:

Call us live on the air at 1-877-849-1975.
Thanks for your continued support, spread the word about DeeWorks Live! - "if the work won't come to Dee, then Dee will go to work"

Saturday, December 26, 2009


One of the highlights of the 2009 Southern Appalachian International Film Festival was the Nina Paley film SITA SINGS THE BLUES. I had the pleasure of being on the screening team and now it turns out that one of the playwrights who is working with AAPEX, Jared Reinmuth, is cousins with the film maker.
The film is brilliant so check it out - and be on the lookout for Jared's adaption of THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, by Afro-Franco novelist Alexandre Dumas.
Seems like we got a family with some talent in it here.
Scroll on down for Jared's email and background on the film.
Jaz Dorsey
The African American Playwrights Exchange
Nashville, Tennessee

Merry Christmas everyone. This amazing film, Sita Sings the Blues, is the work of my cousin, Nina Paley. It is brilliant -- as the NY Times review will attest. Some of you may have met Nina at our post-wedding party at Bourbon Street. Please see this film. You will not regret it! Hope everyone is having a joyous holiday season. Have a safe and happy new year. 2010 will be great! Hope to see you all soon. Peace.

Best wishes,
Jared & Saluda

Sita Sings the Blues (2008)

NYT Critics' Pick This movie has been designated a Critic's Pick by the film reviewers of The Times.
Sita Sings the Blues
Nina Paley
A scene from “Sita Sings the Blues,” directed by Nina Paley.
December 25, 2009

Legendary Breakups: Good (Animated) Women Done Wrong in India

Published: December 25, 2009
Animation is, at heart, the simplest form of cinema: a flutter of drawings fooling the eye into seeing motion. Nowadays, at least at feature length, the form tends to be a much bigger deal, with every year bringing can-you-top-this spectacles full of noisy, shiny figures and images.

“Sita Sings the Blues,” Nina Paley’s new film, which arrives in New York on Friday trailing festival love, is certainly ambitious and visually loaded. There are songs, bright colors and a story taken in part from one of the biggest, oldest epics in the world. But it is also modest, personal and, in spite of Ms. Paley’s use of digital vector graphic techniques, decidedly handmade. A Pixar or DreamWorks extravaganza typically concludes with a phone book’s worth of technical credits. Ms. Paley did everything in “Sita” — an amazingly eclectic, 82-minute tour de force — by herself.
Well, she didn’t sing the songs. Instead, she selected recordings from the early jazz singer Annette Hanshaw, whose voice, poised between heartbreak and soigné resignation, sets a mood of longing for this multilayered tale of love gone wrong. This music also provides an unlikely but seductive accompaniment to the main story, which comes from the Ramayana, an ancient and voluminous Indian epic.

Its hero is the blue-skinned Rama, avatar of the deity Vishnu, but Ms. Paley is more interested in Sita, his wife, whose devotion becomes both a romantic inspiration and a feminist cautionary tale. Her adventures are narrated by three shadow puppets who speak in the accents of modern Indian English and who quibble over details and interpretations.

Meanwhile, Sita, Rama and other characters from the Ramayana are rendered in various styles, including a “Betty Boop Goes Bollywood” look for the musical numbers and an illuminated-manuscript manner for the dramatic scenes.
All of this is entwined with the simpler, sadder, more drably drawn chronicle of a woman named Nina, whose longtime boyfriend, Dave, takes a job in India and eventually breaks her heart. This is a stripped-down, modernized variation on what happens to Sita, whose absolute love for Rama is repaid with suspicion, a humiliating trial by fire (to test her purity) and banishment. Hanshaw, crooning after inconstant or unkind lovers, completes the picture.
Not that “Sita Sings the Blues” will leave you wallowing in transhistorical, multicultural woe. On the contrary: Ms. Paley takes the pain in stride, and uses it as an occasion for whimsy and inventiveness. The movie’s playful spirit may represent a bit of defiant payback for whatever actual Dave may be out there; it shows that sometimes formal ingenuity can be the best revenge.

And the ingenuity of “Sita” — which evokes painting, collage, underground comic books, Mumbai musicals and “Yellow Submarine” (for starters) — is dazzling. Not busy, or overwhelming, or eye-popping. Just affecting, surprising and a lot of fun.

Opens on Friday in Manhattan.
Written, directed, animated and edited by Nina Paley; music sung by Annette Hanshaw; released by Gkids. At the IFC Center, 323 Avenue of the Americas, at Third Street, Greenwich Village. Running time: 1 hour 22 minutes. This film is not rated.

Friday, December 25, 2009

African American Short Films on TV this weekend (Select Markets)

Check out "Roger Mosley,Karen Malina White in AA Short Films on TV FRI-SAT-SUN!" on POWERFUL PEOPLE and FRIENDS

Ann Dandridge

Roger Mosley,Karen Malina White in AA Short Films on TV FRI-SAT-SUN! Time: December 25, 2009 at 1am to December 27, 2009 at 5pm
Location: On TV in FL-GA-nC-TX-AL-MO-MD-MI-WV-NV-MO-OH

Event Description:
Karen Malina White
“African American Short Films” ON TELEVISION

FRIDAY, December 25th
1:00 AM WAGT-TV NBC Atlanta, GA
6:00 AM WFOR-TV CBS Miami-FtLaudrdle,FL

SATURDAY, December 26th
1:00 AM WSAZ-TV NBC ChrlstonHntington, WV
1:00 PM WWAY-TV ABC Wilmington,NC
1:00 PM KPLN-TV MYTV Tylr-LngviewLFKN,TX
2:00PM WJTC-TV MobileALPensaclaFtWlt,FL
2:30 PM WADL TV Detroit,MI
5:00PM WFXI TV FOX Grnvlle-NewBern WA,NC
7:00PM KNLC-TV St. Louis, MO
8:00 PM WBAL-11-2 Baltimore, MD

SUNDAY, December 27th
2:35AM WEWSTVABC ClvelndAkronCanon,OH
1:00 PM KMBCTV ABC Kansas City,MO
1:30PMWZZMTVABCGrndRpdsKlmzooBCrk MI
2:00 PM KOLO TV ABC Reno, NV
4:00 PM WBQC TV Cincinnati,OH

Set Your VCR, DVR to record or TIVO African American Short Films, Watch Us Again or Watch US Later!!!!

Email us by clicking and/or select Contact Us so we can read your comments and notify you when we are next on.

This show contains 5 short films. Enjoy!!!!

In this episode you will see:

“Charlie Johnson” stars: Art Evans, Karen Malina White, Roger E. Mosley, Willard Pugh, Angelina Gibbs and other talented and recognizable cast members, who bring us great performances in this family story.

“Love Conquers Al” is a comedic love story that takes place in a mans mind!!

“Change” is a minute and a half long but packs a feature length community message.

“Backwards Day” is a short film about a dream. Or is it a dream.

“Safe At Home” is a story about a man and his two sons.

Please tell your friends and family to watch the airing of this show. And If they email us we will notify them when we are next on.
Visit us @

Thanks for watching! Ann Dandridge

See more details and RSVP on POWERFUL PEOPLE and FRIENDS:
PEOPLE who Gather to Help Improve the Quality of Life for OTHERS! Never consumed with being RUDE or Self-Centered SHARING is Important&RARE!
2631 photos
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Plays By Women RSS Feed


I have just implemented our new - Plays by Women RSS
Feed. You can see it/subscribe to it by linking here:

This feed will be updated daily with any new reviews of shows by
women and any new listings I receive for shows by women. (Obviously
over the next week or so there will be very little activity, but
after that there should be new items every day.)

Let me know your thoughts!


Martin Denton

Call for Children's Plays (Deadline: 1/15)

Seeking CHILDREN'S SCRIPT submissions of all genres from emerging and established playwrights for "Titi Talula's Theatrical Reading Series", a new reading series for young audiences. Readings will be staged during the summer in various public locations in 2010. A committee will then select one play to be presented as a production Fall 2011.
1. Accepting children's monologues, one-act plays, musicals and full length plays 45 minutes max in length. Plays that involve puppetry must be at basic level for children to manipulate puppets. All submissions must be written for the theater.
2. Accepting submissions written in English, Spanish and Portuguese. A combination of submissions with two languages, i.e. English and Spanish, accepted.
3. Submissions must be suitable for performing to or by children.
4. Submissions must have simple plot structures and be centered on exploring social issues that foster positive change such as community, diversity, equality, physical and mental health, substance abuse and violence prevention, protecting endangered species and environment.
5. All submissions must include the playwright's contact information, bio and resume, appropriate age range/ grade levels of submission, synopsis, number of characters and age range, genre type, running time, and copy of the full script. Also if the submission has been previously workshopped or staged include date, producer, theater company and location.
6. Selected works will be assigned a director and cast from our pool of talented actors.
7. Reading of selected work will be given 8 -12 hours of rehearsal and a Q&A forum with audience to help workshop play.
8. Submissions must be MAILED, please send through postal service. Scripts will not be returned.
All submissions must be postmarked by 1/15. Submissions received after this deadline will be considered for the following year. Mail postal submissions to: Attn: Lillian Ribeiro, Director of Performance & Film. _gaia Studio, 315 3rd Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302. Mark Envelope "TT."

Source: TRU

Call for One-Act Scripts for or about Women (Deadline 1/15)

Seeking ONE-ACT SCRIPT submissions of all genres from emerging and established playwrights for the "Lips Living Room Reading Series," a reading series for, by and about women. Once the plays have been chosen for the reading series, a committee will then select one play as the finalist to be presented as production Fall 2010.
1. Only accepting unpublished one-acts plays written for the theater (no screenplays, no poetry, no short stories), 15 minutes max in length.
2. Plays must center on issues concerning the lives of women or feature principal women characters.
3. All submissions must include playwright's contact information, bio and resume, synopsis of play, number of characters, genre type, running time, and copy of the full script. If submitted play has been previously been staged or produced please provide dates, producer, theater company and location.
4. Selected works will be assigned a director and cast from our pool of talented actors.
5. Reading will be given 8-12 hours of rehearsal and a Q&A forum with audience to help workshop play.
6. Submissions must be MAILED, please send through postal service. Scripts will not be returned.
All submissions must be postmarked by 1/15. Submissions received after this deadline will be considered for the
following year. Mail postal submissions to: Attn: Lillian Ribeiro, Director of Performance & Film, _gaia Studio, 315 3rd Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302. Mark Envelope "LL."

Source: TRU

Call for Plays

The Seeing Place Theater is now accepting submissions for its 2010 reading series - and for their special "play-casting" program. For more information, please visit www.seeingplacetheatercom. Playcasting brings new plays, new playwrights, new actors and new theatrical experiences to you on your own schedule. Either subscribe to the RSS feed, or download episodes to your computer or your digital musical player and listen to them on the go. Every week they will present a full-length or short play that will be recorded in full and produced for podcast distribution. They are now accepting submissions for completed plays and works in progress that are suitable for staged reading. For consideration, scripts must be no longer than 150 typed pages and should not require more than 150 minutes to perform. Filmscripts, screenplays, and adaptations of other authors’ work are not eligible. Would you like them to consider your play? Please submit the following to
- One-paragraph synopsis
- Full character list
- 10-page script sample
- Author’s name, email, and phone number

Source: TRU

Call for African American Playwrights

Eric Woodlin of Incoming Tide Entertainment LLC is accepting scripts by African-American playwrights for potential development.
Please contact via website click "Submit Script" – for questions call 914/7405437 (office).

Source: TRU

Call for Plays

The Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, New York's premiere eco-friendly theater festival, is accepting submissions for its 2010 season. The festival accepts all topics and subject matters including, but not limited to, new works, musicals, adaptations, one-acts, and solo shows. For details and an application, visit The festival has been written up in the NY Times, Clyde Fitch Report, and recently Broadway World. Last year's productions received favorable reviews from Backstage,, Broadway World, Fab Marquee and more. The Festivity fosters a diverse cross-section of performances, and seeks to inspire artists and audiences both creatively and fundamentally, in a festive atmosphere. At the heart of the festival are like-minded individuals striving to create professional, meaningful theater, while supporting organizations which give back to the community at large. The application is at Please contact Glory Bowen ( with any questions.

Source: TRU

Call for Urban Plays (Deadline 1/11/2010)

The Downtown Urban Theater Festival (DUTF) is currently accepting submissions for its eighth season, scheduled for 4/19 through 5/2 at the Theater for a New City, in the Lower East Side of New York City. DUTF, presented by Creative Ammo Inc., is a two-week celebration of urban theatrical expression by a cross-section of playwrights. This annual event focuses on theatrical works that resonate with the essence of urban life and speaks to a whole new generation whose lives defy categorizing along conventional lines. For DUTF 2010, we plan to accept 12 theatrical works; six full-length productions (60-90 minutes) and six shorts (30-45 minutes). Each work is performed only once during the festival. Three of the outstanding works produced during the festival will receive $1,000 awards in the categories of Best Play, Best Short and Audience. To submit for DUTF 2010, please provide all of the following information in ONE (1) document file:
1) Bio with contact information of the playwright - name, address, telephone number and email address; photo of
2) Synopsis of theatrical work
3) Complete script of theatrical work
4) Actor/director/crew bios, if available
5) Description of stage set (if any) and production needs (i.e. sound and lighting)
Send it to Arcos Communications by 5pm on Monday 1/11, 2010 at or mail to Downtown Urban Theater Festival, C/O Arcos Communications; 341 West 38th Street, 12th Floor; New York, NY 10018. Keep New York theater alive and vibrant!

Source: TRU

Call for WOMEN Playwrights (Deadline 12-31)

Key City Public Theatre in Port Townsend, WA, USA, requests monologues by women playwrights for their second annual celebration of International Womens' Day, Here, There and Everywhere. They are particularly interested in receiving submissions by women writers from outside the United States and Canada. They will accept a maximum of two pieces per writer. Monologues may be sent in the body of email or as pdf or doc attached files. Please submit entries by email to Deadline: 12/31. Monologues must:
• must be by a female writer
• must be written for a female character
• must be a minimum of 5 minutes / maximum of 10 minutes
• may be stand-alone or from a longer work
• must be in English or accompanied by an English translation
A maximum of two 2 submissions per writer! Please include playwright's contact information and short bio. Send monologues in the body of your email or as pdf or doc attachments. Six - seven selected pieces will be performed at Key City Public Theatre in Port Townsend, WA, USA, on Sunday, 3/7, in honor of International Women's Day (Monday, 3/8). The event will be a fundraiser for our local women's shelter. Selected monologues will receive a royalty of $10. Questions? Write to Info about Here, There and Everywhere: Please help them reach out to women writers outside of the US and Canada by forwarding this to other women playwrights around the world.

Source: TRU

A Gospel Christmas TV Special


Ann Dandridge

LALAH HATHAWAY,HOWARD HEWETT,DESIREE COLEMAN JACKSON,SHANICE and More on TV THU-FRI-SAT-SUN! Time: December 24, 2009 at 12pm to December 27, 2009 at 8pm

Event Description:
Howard Hewett


Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore

Desiree Coleman Jackson

Shirley Murdock

Lalah Hathaway

Set Your VCR, DVR to record or TIVO "A Gospel Christmas ". Watch Us Again or Watch US Later!!!! Email us at

This 2009 Christmas Special marks the beginning of our 13th year on the air.
This show Stars:
Kenny Lattimore, Chante Moore, Howard Hewett, Sounds of Blackness, Jonathan Butler, Beverly Crawford, Daryl Coley, Norman Hutchins, Doc Powell, Shirley Murdock, Lalah Hathaway, Desiree Coleman Jackson, Shanice!

THURSDAY, December 24th
12:00 PM WCBS-TV CBS New York, NY

FRIDAY, December 25th
12:35 AM WTVR-TV CBS Richnd-Petrburg,VA
1:00 AM WRC-TV NBC Wshngton DC Hgrstwn
1:00 AM WVIT-TV NBC Hartfrd-NewHaven,CT
5:00 AM WFOR-TV CBS Miami,FtLaudrdale,FL
6:00 AM WMAR-TV ABC Baltimore,MD
6:00 AM WAGT-TV NBC Agusta,GA
10:00AM KCAL-TV Los Angeles, CA
12:00 PM WXIA-TV NBC Atlanta, GA
6:00 PM KRIV-TV FOX Houston, TX

SATURDAY, December 26th
1:05 AM WCBI-TV CBS Colmbus-TupelWstPtMS
5:00 AM WFOR-TV CBS Miami-FtLauderdale,FL
2:00 PM WFXI-TV CW Grnvlle-NewBern-WA,NC
3:00 PM WJZY-TV CW Charlotte, NC
4:00 PM KOAT-TV ABC Albuqerque-SntaFe,NM

SUNDAY, December 27th
12:30PM WZZM-TVABC GrndRpds-KlmzooBCrk
7:00PM WJTC-TV Mobile,ALPensaclaFtWalt,FL

Please tell your friends and family to watch the airing of this show. And If they email us at we will notify them when we are next on.
Thank You For Watching! ANN DANDRIDGE
Visit us @

See more details and RSVP on POWERFUL PEOPLE and FRIENDS:
PEOPLE who Gather to Help Improve the Quality of Life for OTHERS! Never consumed with being RUDE or Self-Centered SHARING is Important&RARE!
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Under the Radar Festival


I am producing an artist symposium called Devoted and Disgruntled (D&D) for Under the Radar Festival 2010 and it'd be great if you can
pass this invitation to the artists in relation to your organization.

Many thanks for your help, and Happy Holidays!!!
Jimena Duca
D&D Event Producer
Under the Radar 2010

Improbable is bringing Devoted and Disgruntled to New York.

Do you love theatre?

Do you find it frustrating?

Do you wish it were different?

Do you feel like an outsider in your own profession?

Do you want to help change things for the better?

Have you just started out and need support?

Have you been in the profession for years and feel jaded?

Is your sector always left out of the discussions?

Are you looking for a sense of: community, eldership, mentorship?

Are you looking to change things?

DEVOTED AND DISGRUNTLED NEW YORK: What are we doing about theatre?

Dear Theater Colleague,

Five years ago, in London, I sent out the first invitation to a “Devoted & Disgruntled” event. My aim was to bring people together in
Open Space to explore the question – “What are we going to do about theatre?”. I’d become aware that, passionate as I was about theatre,
I found myself frustrated at how we made it, how we communicated with each other and how little the existing structures supported us to
feel part of a genuine community. Since that first invitation to others who were devoted and disgruntled, D&D has become one of UK theatre’s most extraordinary
annual events.

From each of the four D&Ds we’ve held in London have come an amazing number of projects and initiatives. Some of them very tangible,
others, equally important, are more subtle and tangential. Whatever they are, from new theatre companies to individual projects, from
pressure groups to artist salons, D&D has helped bring them to fruition. Perhaps most importantly for me has been the gradual and
growing sense of community; I was astonished by the number of people who turned out for the first D&D and I continue to be enthralled and
exhilarated by the energy unleashed at each succeeding event.

Now we’re bringing Devoted and Disgruntled to the United States. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I am
particularly excited to be bringing it to New York, a city that has been an important part of the journey of our work over many years.
We’ve done lots of different shows in New York from playing 70 Hill Lane at PS122 to Shockheaded Peter (Off Broadway), Spirit at the New
York Theatre Workshop
, Hanging Man at BAM, Satyagraha at the Met and I’m currently co directing and designing The

Addams Family musical on Broadway with Julian Crouch (Co-Artistic Director of Improbable with Lee Simpson). Consequently we have a
connection with an extraordinary cross section of the theatre and performance community and as these connections have grown and widened
I have felt a strong desire to facilitate a similar event in New York to the D&D’s that have been so enriching in London.

People who’ve experienced the event in the UK have been hungry for us to make it happen here for some time. Now at last the opportunity has
arrived with Mark Russell and Under The Radar Festival supporting it at Church of St Paul the Apostle, 405 W 59th St (Entrance on 60th St
and Columbus Ave).

So this is your chance to come and work in Open Space on the issues that you care about and want to take responsibility for, things you
want to change, to question, to celebrate, to discuss, to dream up. If there are things you are passionate about or things you are pissed
about, projects or proposals you need support on, or if you want to connect with your community, all are possible because in Open Space
you set the agenda.

This is an opportunity for us to exchange and learn from one another. Money and funding issues are especially challenging at present and so
the way that we make work is something that requires us to be creative, to explore our collective resources and intelligence.
Nothing is off limits.

If you feel like this event might not be for you then that is a sure sign we need your input. If you feel that the issues that affect
you or your sector never get discussed so what’s the point of turning up? This is the event for you!

It’s important that there’s a diverse cross section of people at the event not just one sector of the theatre community. So whether you
are off Off-Broadway, Off-Broadway, Broadway, Funded, Self-supporting, downtown, uptown, from outside or inside New York if you
feel passionate about theatre make sure you come. Everyone is welcome.

Come to our first D&D in New York – Be prepared to be surprised by what you find.

Phelim McDermott

For further information on Open Space:


2 Day Pass: $30 at

Church of St Paul the Apostle
405 W 59th St (Entrance on 60th St and Columbus Ave)

January 16 Saturday 10-6pm
January 17 Sunday 1-8pm

D&D @ NYC is presented by Under The Radar, a festival of new adventurous and contemporary productions from around the world. Jan 6-17, 2010.
Under The Radar Festival 2010 is a program of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Annual Members
Conference, with major funding by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Ford Foundation. The Festival is
produced by Mark Russell and The Public Theater.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Diverstiy in Theatre

Dear all,

A couple of weeks ago I, along with a number of representatives from theaters across the United States, participated in a convening on Defining Diversity in New Play Development hosted by Arena Stage. The purpose of the gathering was to discuss the following:

"When the term “diversity” is used in the current theatre ecology, what do we actually mean? What are the existing practices for increasing diversity in new play development and are they effective? And can we effectively measure the value of a diversified community around the theatre? This convening seeks to examine these questions and more by integrating theatrical practitioners from various cultural, regional, racial, aesthetic, and political backgrounds and perspectives."

So for two straight days forty-seven people sat in a room and talked about diversity in all its forms. The discussion now exists online on Arena Stage's New Play Blog ( and a formal paper is in the process of being written.

Do feel free to check out the blog. I will also make sure that a copy of the paper is made available to LMDA members.

Happy Holidays to all!

Debra Cardona
Board Member and NYC Regional VP, LMDA
Dramaturg, Classical Theatre of Harlem

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jaz Dorsey on Acting

I have spent the last 30 years looking for the answer to a question. Thanks to AAPEX and what it has shown me through the many amazing scripts I have had the blessing of reading, I have found the answer.
Here's the question:
What BIOLOGICAL purpose do actors serve?
Actors Confirm Reality
Every play is a discourse on reality.
Nowhere is this more obvious (to me) than in the case of the very lopsided view we hold of American history with regard to the roles that African Americans have played in that history as I have seen this error unfold before me in the scripts I have read, which address this indignity and which will, when and if they are produced, bring a new perception of our historical reality to all of those who see those productions.
Jaz Dorsey
The African American Playwrights Exchange
Nashville, Tennessee

Friday, December 18, 2009

16th Annual African-American Film Marketplace and S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase (LA)

Time: December 19, 2009 at 10am to December 20, 2009 at 10pm
Location: Ebony Repertory Theatre @ Nate Holden Performing Arts Center
Organized By: Lynne Conner

Event Description:
On December 19th and 20th, BHERC will feature short films and documentaries from around the country as well as host entertainment seminars and panels featuring distinguished industry professionals, including the Art Imitates Life Forums including working with New Technology, Spotlight on Young Filmmakers, Film Distribution, Intimate Discussions with Acting Coaches, Stage vs. Film Acting, Working during the recession, Creating your own Properties and Solutions in Hollywood, Finding An Agent, and Fighting Back with Film.

NEW MEDIA FORUM moderated by Valiant Robinson, will discuss Navigating through new media technologies (open to all professions). It is an intensive, hands on, interactive workshop, designed to walk participants through developing a project from concept to completion. Participants will be given an opportunity to pitch their idea (1 minute) at the workshop. The idea that is voted # 1 by participants will be developed step-by-step in the workshop. Learn how to create, market and distribute digital content on various platforms, i.e., ipods, pda’s, cell phones, mobisodes, Internet, webisodes, webcasting, videocasting, direct downloads and social networking. Panelist include: Michael Ajakwe ~ TV writer / Playwright / Producer,; Dennis Dortch ~ Filmmaker / New Media Entrepreneur,; Michael Johns ~ CEO / UrbanWorld; and & Chris Denson~Founder: Genius Effect Media Group; Partner: Jigsaw Global;

There will be an intimate discussion with JEFF CLANAGAN, CEO and President of Codeblack Entertainment about the state of the black “Urban” film market, partnerships, project development, acquisition, producing, marketing through various distribution platforms, and pitching your project.

LA Youth Expressions Through Film ~ Students from Los Angeles High School students film showcase. Featuring films from Fremont, Washington and Roosevelt High Schools. Hosted by producer/teacher Darryl McCane.

Actors Forum with Guest Speakers: John Wesley (actor), Carl Gillard (producer/director/actor), JaVon Johnson (actor/coach), and Karen Malina-White (actress/producer), sharing their expertise on creating your own properties and solutions in Hollywood including working during the recession, stages of performing including Film, television and stage, perfecting your craft); Performing On The Set, A live Set, with Camera & Crew, Effective ways to communicate to your cast & crew on set, Creative ways to make your film, reel and webisode. What are you waiting for?

Come one, come all and Celebrate our stories...$5.00 donation to the public.

Lynne Conner

Red Harlem Readers

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Call for WOMEN playwrights

The Leah Ryan Fund for Emerging Women Writers (Leah Ryan's FEWW) intends both to encourage brilliant and unrecognized women playwrights with an annual cash prize and a New York City showcase of the winning work. This prize honor the memory and artistry of Leah Ryan (1964—2008.)

To apply, please click the post's title.

Source: The Loop Online

Karamu House- Keeping the Spirit of Black Theater Alive (Cleveland)

As a native of Detroit and having spent a significant part of my adult life in Chicago, this writer has always had a love-hate relationship with the city of Cleveland, Ohio [you have to be a professional football fanatic to understand].

But Cleveland has been on a mission over the past 20 years, redeveloping its lakefront, encouraging businesses to relocate to its Great Lakes' shores and encouraging

a revitalization of the arts along with an influx of much-needed capital.

But what many readers may not know is that one of the beneficiaries of the positive changes in Cleveland has been a nondescript, old red brick building known to lovers of black theater as Karamu House , whose founding in 1915 makes it this country's oldest African-American theater.

To continue reading the December 2009 issue of GBM Magazines, please click the post's title.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Blackboard Reading Series TONIGHT! (NYC)

Good Morning Blackboard!

It's a little warmer out this morning, so we hope to see you out tonight!

Just a reminder that Blackboard @ the cell is Tonight


PLAYWRIGHTS... bring your scripts
ACTORS ... bring yourselves...

ALL : Come early for casting!

The list of Plays is growing... Actors, we need you!

Looking forward to what promises to be a very fun evening!

RSVP to this email...

BlackBoard Reading Series
2nd Mondays
the cell theatre
338 W. 23rd (23rd b/t 8th and 9th Ave.)

Playwrights around the world: post your work online for producers and directors to read and commission (London)

West Londons Bush Theatre has this week launched a pioneering
social networking website which allows playwrights to post their work
online for producers and directors to read and commission.

Bush Green currently features more than 170 plays and around 500 test
users, but these numbers are expected to increase dramatically
following the site going live early this week. Users of the site, who
sign up for free, can preview the first 20% of a play for no charge,
but will have to pay £2.58 to download the full work or £1.38 if it
is a short play.

The playwrights will earn £1 from the £2.58, while £1 will go back
into the upkeep of the site. The remainder is an administration fee
paid to PayPal, which oversees the transaction. The initiative has
been supported with a £60,000 grant from the Jerwood Charitable
Foundation, although the Bush is currently looking for long-term
sponsors for the site.

Bush artistic director Josie Rourke told The Stage: “What we wanted
to do, as a small organisation, was think of a really concrete way we
could realise more of the potential of the work we read each year.
We’re now up to something like 1,500 plays which are submitted each
year to the Bush [a venue which specialises in new writing]. We
invest a lot of time and heart in reading them and looking for new work.

“Because we’re small, though, there’s only a limited number of
them that we can produce. So we began to wonder what would happen if
we were to use the internet to connect other potential directors and
producers of good, new work with the plays themselves. That’s the
main idea behind it.”

Users are able to search by the number of male and female roles in a
work and the ages of characters, as well as themes, influences on the
writer and the playwright’s location. The Bush’s official readers,
who will use the website for the theatre’s official submission
process, will put a ‘Bush marker’ on plays they have read and
commented on.

Rourke explained that writers would still be able to post in their
submissions or drop them at the Bush’s box office, but it was hoped
that the site would help streamline the theatre’s reading process,
as well as making it more sustainable - saving in both paper and
travel for readers.

There is also a strong social networking and advice aspect to the
site, so that writers can find out about what to do if a producer
wants to licence their work for production. More experienced writers
such as Neil LaBute and David Eldridge also offer advice in a series
of interviews. It is hoped that it will help build up local networks
of writers and theatre-makers in more isolated parts of the UK.

“It’s an extremely lonely business, playwriting, and we hope that
this will make writers feel more supported,” said Rourke. “It’s
brilliant at building local networks. If you’re a playwright and
live in Salford, for example, you can see if there’s anyone else who
lives in your area who is producing or directing. I really hope that
that geographical function will prove to be very strong. It’s about
networking emerging playwrights and practitioners and getting work

Rourke added that writers’ agents had been “almost totally
enthusiastic” about the project and the Bush expected many of them
to have a presence on the site.

“Online publishing is happening. Someone was going to do this sooner
or later. It just happens that we’ve done it sooner and one of the
important things about that is because we hold playwrights at our
centre, we can promote best practice.

“There are companies and shows who have been working with digital as
a creative medium for some time, using the internet to make work.
What is exciting about Digital Theatre [an initiative where filmed
versions of plays can be downloaded from the internet] and Bush Green
is that it’s a group of people in theatre asking themselves how they
can use the internet do what they do better. Everything that Bush
Green does, we’re already doing in a small way in-house. We’re
already accepting scripts, we’re already trying as much as possible
to advocate plays we can’t stage but we think other people should be
doing. What this enables us to do is put that together in a much
better way. It’s about taking the work that the Bush already does
and making more of it.”

Please click post's title to go to the Bush Green website.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Red Harlem Readers

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Essential Theatre's New Play Reading Series (DC)

You Are Invited!

The Artistic Community is cordially invited to closed table readings of new and current plays in development in The Essential Theatre’s New Play Reading Series. There is no admission requirement. Space is limited and all interested artist, literary personnel and invited guest are asked to RSVP by calling (202) 328-0569 or by E-mailing All table readings will begin at 6:00 P.M. in room 221 of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library located at 901 G Street, NW, in downtown Washington, DC( one blk from DC’s Chinatown., on the following dates:

Monday December 7th, 6:00 PM
Blues Theme for Talladega, by Cornell H. Calhoun, III
Third Draft

It’s 1956 in Talladega, Alabama and the operations of the Klu Klux Klan are alive and well. Young colored men have been disappearing. The owner of the local thriving family business has discovered the evidence and the Talladega Klan will get it back at any cost.

Monday December 14th 6:00 PM
Betty’s Wish, by La’Chris Jordan
First Draft

The family matriarch has fallen into a deep, life-threatening coma. Only a divisive blood transfusion will save her that‘s against the family’s religious beliefs. Betty’s husband is determined to keep her alive despite objections of some family members who hold fast to church doctrines.

Monday December 21st 6:00 PM
Samson and Ms. Delilah, by Natalie Blank
First Draft

Prostitution has been legalized in the United States and Ms. Delilah is the leading lady of the bunch. The highest paid and most beautiful unionized “Eve;” All men want her but only few can afford her. A young writer holds information that could destroy her career.

About the Program
The New Play Reading Series is created to give voice to the work of new and established playwrights. It is in substance an incubator that serves to nurture the work for a three-year period in a supportive and collaborative environment with other artisans, actors and directors. Further, it is a forum where audience members are welcomed to engage in an open dialogue with the playwright and director about the issues presented in the material as well as techniques used to present them. The New Play Reading Series was established in the spring of 1992.

Please visit our website by clicking the post's title.
For Public transportation call (202) 637-7000 or visit

2009 CFC and United Way Designation numbers:
CFC/NCA 23538, United Way 9398

The Essential Theatre
S. Robert Morgan, Founder/Artistic Director