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Monday, July 2, 2007

Flush Ink Productions presents Asphalt Jungle Shorts III (Canada)

September 2007 deadline is July 15th (Received by)
Material: Short Plays (set at particular sites)

This is how it works. For the first event…to give you an idea, the box office was set up on the fifth floor of a down-town parking garage in a mid-sized city. The first two plays were performed there, then the audience was lead to the back of a seedy hotel for two more plays. Then, we went to an empty store, the city hall, back to the empty store and finally, the last three pieces were performed in a bar.

This is what I am looking for. Short plays...anything from one or two minutes, to ten or twelve. The plays “must” be written to be performed in a particular site. Use your imagination...but if you give me a play that happens on a train, and I don’t have a train, we won’t do the play.

Here is a link to information about the Kitchener-Waterloo area (just west of Toronto), if you’d like to get a feel for it: www.kwtourism.ca.

Here are a some ideas for sites...
- Fire escape
- Shoe store
- City Hall (There is a huge fountain outside)
- There are some tiny parks - green spaces
- On the street
- Art Gallery
- Empty store (could be anything)
- Bar
Notes - The hospital, police station, library...all too far to walk to. There is no industry downtown. Please don’t send plays that take place in an apartment, on a front porch, in a condo…etc…think urban. Please don’t send plays that have a distinctly American feel as we are celebrating our own community with this event.

Direct all questions and submissions via email, attention Paddy, to: flush-ink@skyedragon.com. I prefer docs to pdf, because I can remove the playwright’s name and have the directors reading blind. I love when I get a play with the first page separate.

The process goes like this. I have six directors...I will have already done the first go-throughs...a pile of no plays...usually because the sites don’t work, and a pile of maybes. The directors read them, pick their top three, we meet, we discuss, we decide.

As a playwright, I produced this event with the playwrights much in mind. I connected each director with their playwright, so they could discuss, the playwrights were paid a dollar a minute a night, I sent programs, posters, flyers, etc. along with the cheques. The royalties are a dollar a minute a night.

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