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Friday, March 6, 2009

Submissions for staged reading sought (NYC)

Strikingly Different Productions in New York is seeking Equity and Non-Equity actor submission for upcoming staged reading of “The Journey” an original Gospel Musical. Submit headshot/resume and full body shot, if available to We are only seeking submissions at this time.

YOLANDA – (plays late teens to early 20’s) street smart, tomboy from Brooklyn . Very pretty but unaware of her beauty. She portrays a hard exterior to cope with the death of her family. Alto/Mezzo Soprano voice

MOTHER SHAW - (plays 60’s) Aunt to Yolanda. Kind, warm and inviting Southern woman. Regarded as a leader and Mother within the church. Very prayerful. Has a rich Southern gospel/soul sound. Alto to Contralto vocal rage

BERNADETTE – ( plays 30’s) Crime boss for the Durham , North Carolina area. Conniving, Malicious, Ruthless. Heartless Diva.

JEANETTE– (plays 30’s) Subtle, sweet country girl. Slightly shy especially when it comes to her love interest, Lance Hawkins. She longs to be in a relationship but is afraid of experiencing more heartache. Mezzo Soprano

LANCE HAWKINS – (plays 30’s) Strikingly handsome. Outgoing, passionate leader within the church. Musical Director and son of Lady Hawkins. Light baritone/tenor voice

LADY HAWKINS – ( plays 50’s) Pastor. Dynamic preacher and fierce leader. Very strong woman. Mother of Lance Hawkins. Alto to Contralto vocal rage

SISTER JACUZZI – (plays 40’s) Flamboyant, boisterous, pushy. Recently became a church member but struggling to maintain Christian principal.

VELMA – ( plays 40’s) Very traditional Southern Baptist woman. Although in her 40’s carries herself much older. Loud and very excited for the Lord. Loves to eat. Sister of Wanda.

WANDA – ( plays 50’s) Outspoken, vivacious, no nonsense type of woman. Caries herself youthfully. Non traditional Christian and wife. Married to Deacon Fry.

DEACON FRY – ( plays 50-60’s) Husband to Wanda. Very funny, exuberant, highly animated.

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