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Thursday, June 4, 2009


My name is Jeremy Jones, Directing Administrator of We have a networking website that is looking to promote the independent entertainment side of Nashville as well as strenghten community involvement & culture through networking colleges, artists, self-owned businesses, and community leaders. We always enjoy the opportunity to network. I wanted to have a chance to share more with you about the website.

The purpose of this site is to serve as a premier networking tool for:
1 Independent Entertainment Companies
2 Community Organization
3 Self-owned Businesses
4 Young Entrepreneurs
5 Mentoring Programs

In addition, we’d also like to assist in promoting:
1 Up and coming musicians
2 Artists
3 Writers
4 Painters
5 Promoters
6 Actors/Actresses
7 Models
8 Fashion Designers
9 Etc. was also created in hopes of building the networking potential between colleges in Nashville and surrounding areas. One of the goals we have is to make it easier to bridge the promotional gap between various schools, their organizations, promotional companies, music, theatre and community service events. The phrase, “the children are our future,” is more than just a statement, it is an undeniable fact. Here at, we want to bridge the gap between people who have made it to the people that are trying with all their might to make it. Currently we are working with different artists and local personalities to start RAP VS. REALITY which is a mentoring seminar where we will talk to middle and elementary schoolers about differentiating Real life issues (Drugs, Gangs, Sex, Abuse) and Rap (urban modern culture, and lifestyles). We also would like to serve as an inspiration to help youth better understand their choices, and expsose them to meeting people in various points of the entertainment business.

Yet our primary goal is to redefine the term “Urban”. What makes an asset to not only the entertainment industry in Nashville, but the entire entertainment business is that, it not only tells WHAT’s happening in Nashville, it tells WHO’s making it happen. Only taking a few minutes to create your profile will enable you to be a part of such a powerful networking community. We want to ensure we promote not only the “artist’s” profile, but their Indy Company and/or affiliates. Most importantly, we want to highlight “obscure” arts that are often overlooked in “urban” culture and open as many doors as possible for the talented people behind them. Again the purpose of is to make advertising, networking, and collaborating with those in their own field easier. Cross-promotion is definitely going to be beneficial to everyone because if you have ten fans and someone else has ten fans, you both will have twenty fans.

Although the site is only nine months old, we are growing fast and have quickly gained a strong network of individuals who we’ve partnered with to cross promote. Currently we have 820 members, 6000 we can connect to via Facebook, 2000 via MySpace and 2500 in which we can email blast. We also have several featured artists and you can hear their music on our main page.

The next phase for us is really getting into artist development and independent company development. There are three things that artists and companies overlook as they seek to grow and attract customers and clientele. Those things are:
1. Marketability
2. Networking Potential
3. A Consistent fan base (a product for any business)

In turn, the site is a means for an artists’ ability to get their name out there. We also have promotional partnerships applications available. In becoming a promotional partner with, this means you will be in the network of the Partners that work hand in hand in cross-promotion. You will then have access to site Executives and the services of others affiliated with the website.

We are working on our promo compilation mix CD with our featured artists, “promotional packets” for artists, and companies who are dropping mixes, have shows, and that are trying to build their fan base. We also provide photo/video media coverage. Once again thank you for your time and potential interest.

If you have any questions feel free to contact:

Jeremy A. Jones
C.E.O./ Owner

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