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Friday, June 19, 2009

Nicole Kearney's AND YA DON'T STOP goes into summer workshop 6/20 (Indianapolis)

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I hope this email finds you doing well. I've been keeping up with all the AAPEX excitement via the blog. I wanted to submit some info for blog consideration. My newest play goes into summer workshop, Saturday, June 20th. I'm also in the process of booking the first performance in Indianapolis. I'll know by Monday the exact date(s). Then I'm really looking to take the show on the road. Colleges/university, small theater venues 200-500 seats that are inexpensive to rent. I'm especially focused on the midwest and south - KY, TN and destinations initally within a 5 hour range from me (Detriot, Nashville, St. Louis, etc). I really need help trying to move this show beyond Indianapolis. I'm talking to Greg about Cincinnati venues and know of a few in Louisville. It's a hip hop play that has the potential to bring men (ages 13 - 40) into the theater, along with women. I'm attaching the art for the show. I'm enclosing here the synopsis for the show.

“And Ya Don’t Stop” a hip hop play finds a trio at the crossroads when they discover that a record label only wants one of them – Supreme, the emcee. Unknown to him the label plans to pervert his image. Embittered, under contract and estranged from his crew, Supreme unwillingly goes on a journey guided by the messengers and the three spirits of hip hop to help him regain his sense of self and return to his hip hop roots.

Any help from yourself or the AAPEX network would be wonderful,

"Breaking Barriers: Little Rock Nine" May 16, 2 p.m. Attucks Middle School, Indianapolis or, - clip of "What Doesn't Kill Us" - clip of "A Down Payment on Manhood: The Greensboro Four"

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