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Monday, January 18, 2010

One Kiss Cafe audition notice (Nashville)

I am excited to be running the auditions for this production of ONE KISS CAFE at The Country Music Hall of Fame.

EVERYONE is encouraged to audition.

Music, Book and Lyrics by Parrish Stanton
Directed by Ted Swindley, author and creator of "Always ... Patsy Cline"
Produced by Phoenix Rising Entertainment, Inc.

Presented at the beautiful Ford Theatre at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, this is one show you need to make sure you won't miss!

* At the County Music Hall of Fame
* Saturday, January 30th 1-5PM / Sunday, January 31st 1-5PM
* Paid Positions for actor/singers
* Please be available for callbacks following the auditions
* We prefer a headshot and resume but not required
* Seeking singer/actors: 1 man and 1 woman in their twenties; 1 woman in her
late forties to sixties; 1 man in his late thirties to forties
* Preferable that the character RICKY play the guitar, but not required
* Please have a prepared up tempo and ballad (contemporary country or pop)
sung to karaoke tracks or an accompanist will be provided
* Open casting call but for specific appointments, you can call 615-915-0891 for
an audition time and more information

Ricky Stakonis- “Ricky” is a good looking young man in his twenties who has left his small town home in Oklahoma and moved to Nashville, Tennessee to get “discovered” as a talented songwriter at the world famous One Kiss Café. He was raised by a struggling single mother and extended family. But what he lacked in stability he more than made up for with his good looks and charisma. Success has always come easily for Ricky. He has a history of being a ladies man and using his wild imagination in his songwriting. Ricky can play guitar.

Sara Baker- “Sara” is from a small town in Ohio and has also moved to Nashville to pursue her songwriting dreams. Although she has already been in Nashville for nine months and is working as a waitress at the One Kiss Café, she is struggling in her music career and having a hard time being inspired to write new music. She is in her twenties and is attractive in a “girl next door” way. She is the oldest daughter in a farming family, active in every aspect of school music, theatre, and church activities as well. The “Truth” is her golden chalice in both her personal life and her songwriting.

Tootsie McCoy- “Tootsie” is a woman in her late forties to sixties and is the owner and bartender at the One Kiss Café. She traveled many years with her husband who was a rodeo cowboy. When he passed (may he rest in peace), she decided to pursue her second love, country music. She opened up this little music venue 16 years ago. Its success as a place for songwriters to get “discovered” has garnered it world-wide fame in songwriting circles. She is humorous, wise, charismatic, and is very much a surrogate mother-figure to both Ricky and Sara.

Carl “Midas”- “Midas” is a man in his late thirties to forties. He is an
Bradford Armani suit-wearing, smooth-talking city slicker from Los Angeles. He is the president of the Song Syndicate, the most successful music publisher in Nashville. He is motivated by greed and has little regard for country music or the songwriters who create it. His m/o is to sign as many talented songwriters as possible to “staff writing” deals in a “numbers game.” His theory is that if you crank out enough songs a few of them will make it big.

* February 22 – March 10, 2010 / Evening rehearsals from 6 – 10 PM
* Be available day AND evenings for tech week (March 8 – 11) at the County
Music Hall of Fame and Museum

* Thursday March 11 – Preview Show
* Friday March 12, Saturday March 13, Sunday March 14
* Friday March 19, Saturday March 20, Sunday March 21
* Friday March 26, Saturday March 27, Sunday March 28

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