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Thursday, April 29, 2010

2010 AAPEX Awards Call for Plays

It's that time again to enter your best works for the annual AAPEX Awards in playwriting by emailing me INFO on a script-- NOT the actual script. If I'm intrigued, I will ask you to mail me a hard copy.
Jaz Dorsey

2009 AAPEX Awards

THE CHITTLIN THIEF (Best comedy) by Mike Oatman, resident playwright at Karamu House in Cleveland, Delicious satire about racial profiling in 21st Century America.

MRS. STREETER (Best Family Drama) by Merrill Jones of Washington DC. Irene Streeter just can't let her children go. This is the play that ran at Berkeley Black Rep for six weeks this past sring. It didn't even get a reiview. AAPEX is puttin up a second New York reading in December.

BEST POLITICAL THRILLERS : Two plays by Ben Marshall: THE BALCONY GOAT and SIMPLE MAJORITIES. Ben's work has a very interesting dramaturgical characteristic - a protagonist who is black in stories set in diversified sociological backgrounds. In GOAT the main dude is an African/American Oil Executive caught up in regime unrest in a fictitious North African country.He has a white wife, several British colleagues and a bunch of fucked up Arabs running the country. SIMPLE MAJORITIES. A young African American Senator's Aide de Camp is outed on the internet and everybody scrambles doing damage control. AAPEX has done two readings of this in New York. Set in the world of the U. S. Senate.

HOLLERLULA (Best Short Play) by Lois Wiley. Old southern lady tells story of funny funeral. AAPEX readings in Nashville and New York. Great showcase for an older actress.

PLEA BARGAIN by George Brome. Brilliant religious investigation of the family of Adam and Eve.

HANNAH ELIAS (Best Historical Drama) by award winning film maker Nathan Ross Freeman.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN HARLEM (Best Dancical) by D.C. Copeland. Although this great story of African American entertainers and life during the Harlem Renaissance hasn't yet been produced for the stage, it has been optioned for film.

MADAM (Best Musical) by Adriana Rogers. Biographical musical of Madam C J Walker.

FUNNYLINGUS (Best Strange Play) by Owa. An actress onstage and a priest in the audience take the conflict between the theater and the church to a strange new place..

The African American Playwrights Exchange
Nashville, Tennessee

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