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Monday, May 3, 2010

Production Scripts UpDate

AAPEX encourages playwrights to leave no stone unturned in getting your work "out there." Production Scripts will help in that endeavor without charging you any fees (only a fair percentage from anything sold). Below is an email we got about new improvements on its site:

Following feedback from a recently conducted poll, we are delighted to announce the launch of a new mini-forum on the Production Scripts website. The forum, although active, will remain in BETA test stage for the next few days whilst we continue to develop and test drive the functionality. Please feel free to have a test run yourself and be sure to report back any issues you find.

The forum has been fully integrated with the existing membership database and profile pages, meaning that you may post using your normal PS login (no 2nd login required!). Further integration is on-going over the next few weeks including direct linkage to writer scripts allowing for seemlessly open ended discussions.

Links to the forum can be found in both the My Account / Writer Portal pages, alongside a link placed at the bottom of the website footer. Over the next week or so, our menu system will be updated and a new banner will be launched to support this new exciting feature. For now, it's our secret!

Why not let us know your thoughts on this latest release in the forum, under the feedback section.

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