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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Occupy Wall Street needs playwrights!

Hey you guys.
http://occupywriters.com is the literary arm of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and there's some great stuff on there by the likes of Jonathan Lethem, Lemony Snicket, Ursula K. LeGuin, Douglas Rushkoff, Francine Prose, and many more. They are underrepresented by playwrights and have asked me to reach out to some. Most of the pieces are short, 500-600 words or so, although we've had some in the neighborhood of 1-2k and others that are full articles/essays. Lemony Snicket's is one of the best - funny and pointed without being
lecturing. http://occupywriters.com/works/by-lemony-snicket. Daphne Carr's is an example of personal experience http://occupywriters.com/works/by-daphne-carr. Kiera Feldman occupied "Birthright." http://occupywriters.com/works/by-kiera-feldman. Jules Bukiet did some history. http://occupywriters.com/works/by-melvin-jules-bukiet I went with a syllogism for my piece. Basically, just about anything works. Doesn't have to be long (probably shouldn't be long). We've got a guy closing his bank account. There's poetry and songwriting. No plays so far. Anything you write, please send to me and to occupy.submissions@gmail.com - that way the official email has it archived and I can speed it along as well.
Jason Grote
New Dramatists

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