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Friday, October 11, 2013

Broadway Producers and Investors MEETUP: 10/22 (NYC)

Broadway Producers and Investors 
Tuesday Oct. 22, 2013
5:30 sharp -7pm

Snapple Theatre

For serious commercial producers this is an important seminar and networking opportunity. Join attorneys Daniel Wasser and Gary Emanuel and group moderator Bruce Lazarus to explore "The Practical Application of New SEC Rules on Publicizing Theatrical Offerings". New law passed September 23, 2013. It is imperative that you understand how these new rules have radically transformed how you can raise money for your commercial theatre productions. Do not miss this. 

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Snapple Theater, Broadway and 50th Street (SW corner) 4th Floor. NYC. Free admission. Limited seating. Tuesday October 22, 2013 Seminar from 5:30 sharp to 6:15 followed by Q&A and group networking.

Update (12/12): Here's a great example of a multiracial company (Emmitt Thrower, Obediah Wright, A. Michael Storm, and Tom Horner ) taking advantage of the new SEC rules advertising theatrical offerings to accredited investors: Old Lions Still Roar.
Obediah Wright
Emmitt Thrower
A. Michael Storm

Tom Horner

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