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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Real Men Talking" looking for Understudies (Philly)

RMT, Inc. is Looking 4 Understudies for the Hit Show"Real Men Talking"

OPEN CALL AUDITIONSWednesday, May 30, 2007 @CEC (Community Education Center) 3500 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia in the theatre
1:00PM until 5:00PM

Please, bring headshot and resume.
Character breakdown...

Fleetwood - mid 40s - great sense of humor - raised his nephews, helped sister - old sckool - must be funny (not a coon) - central character

Price - old friend of Fleetwood - early to mid 30s - light skinned and fine/curly hair type - Buppie, Black Republican - suburban professional, all about the money, self, but does have a sense of being black, just not the most positive perspective

Leviticus - Fleetwood's oldest nephew - early 20s - just finished college - cocky and arrogant - athletic type - high school football star - waiting to hear from NFL

Amir - Letivicus' younger brother - rapper - 16 yr old - everything materialistic is romantic to him - all he wants to do in life is to rap - must be able to dance

Kalil - Also friend of Fleetwood - early 30s - attorney that did time in prison, learned the law and rehabilitated himself - very conscious - Black empowerment - little militant

Learn more about "Real Men Talking" at www.realmentalking.com. Questions and comments regarding auditions: Contact Roderick Solcum at roderick@powertnetworking4me.com.

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