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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cringe Fest Call for "Bad" Plays (NYC)

Since 2005, NY Artists Unlimited has been presenting a fall Bad Plays Festival and a summer Bad Musicals Festival. The '08 festival at the Producers' Club was the biggest one yet, attracting large audiences, producers, reviewers, and more. Liz Smith wrote it up three times in her columns in the Post and Variety. This festival has been covered by The New York Times, New York magazine, TimeOut, and other major media.

In '09, the various festivals will be combined into one big event taking place in two theatres under the umbrella of the International Cringe Fest.

Wanted are scripts/ films that are REALLY GOOD, HIGHLY ENTERTAINING, NICE 'n NAUGHTY: politically incorrect, political satire, bad language/ bad puns, or otherwise frowned upon by "polite" society. Writers vie for the Golden Pineapple, Silver Tomato, and Bronze Banana (by audience vote). Preference: 5 to 45 mins., straight plays, musicals, and/or short films (films must be finished and on DVD). Produced/ unproduced. Style: comedy/ dramedy.

Submit: application, cover letter, resume(s) of all artists. In addition, for plays/ musicals: 5 or more copies (as needed) of script; for musicals: sheet music/ tapes/ CDs; for films: 2 DVDs only (no scripts). Support materials welcome but not required. Scripts read aloud/ films viewed 2-3 times before decisions made. NO SASE; submissions not returned. Guidelines/ app on website:

If you have further questions, email: Submissions will not be accepted from applicants who have not read guidelines and filled out application form. Deadline: 2/28/09. Response: by 5/01/09 or earlier.
Melba LaRose
Artistic Director
NY Artists Unlimited
212 West 14 St., Suite #2A
NYC 10011
Phone: 212-242-6036, fax: 212-989-8864

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  1. So you're in the subway, and suddenly this AWFUL and I mean, AWFUL stench reaches your nose. Your nose wrinkles, but then, inexplicably, your body decides to open your sinus passages and you sniff the odor in a few more times before you regain your senses and transfer to the next car over. But in the freshness of the new car, you find yourself missing that awful stench. That's the feeling I got when I attended International Cringefest at the Producer's Club recently. Now, I'm normally quite a reserved person and thought I would not enjoy shows entitled "Psycho Bitch Party" or "Zombie Strippers" (never thought I would ever think about being necrophilic). I was so wrong. Instead, several times during the show I thought my stomach would rupture from laughing so hard. In all its political incorrectness, crudeness and bad taste, the acting was superb, the actors and actresses were simply AMAZING and the humor was anything but awkward. It was witty and despite the mindlessness of it all, some of the plays truly had great messages. It was a great night out, and with the bar in close vicinity, it also offers a chance to talk to others with similar interests. All in all, it's perfect to attend as an event to hang out with your friends, or to even enjoy with a date. Would I go again? Hell yea! Bring on the zombie strippers any time! I highly recommend it to anyone out there. Trust me, this won't be a waste of your time. Not attending this event would be.