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Chicago Dramatists’ 4th Annual Many Voices Project is a national playwriting contest and Developmental showcase that embraces all playwrights of color. The Project seeks out, develops and showcases unproduced, full-length plays in English (or primarily in English) by U.S.A. residents who are playwrights of color, including, for instance, playwrights of African, Latin, Caribbean, Pacific Island, Asian, East Indian, Arab, and Native American descent. The Many Voices Project brings together several of Chicago’s race and ethnic-specific theatres, and culminates in a week of development (July 6 – 15, 2009) and a weekend festival of staged readings (July 16 – 18, 2009), plus $500 cash awards for the four selected playwrights.

PURPOSE: The Many Voices Project was created in response to Chicago Dramatists’ desire to work with more playwrights of color. It also is intended to provide opportunities to playwrights of color for new play development and for professional networking that may lead to productions of their plays, and to expand Chicago Dramatists’ relationships with race and ethnic-specific theatres. The long-range impact hopefully will expand and deepen the theatre’s relationships with all artists of color for years to come.

THEATRE PARTNERS: Many of the city’s race and ethnic-specific theatres participate as Theatre Partners, providing endorsement of the Project, artists for the readings, and dramaturgical support. Past partners have included: Congo Square, Teatro Luna, Rasaka Theatre Company, Silk Road Theatre Project, MPAACT, Urban Theatre Company, and Teatro Vista. Each of the participating playwrights also will receive a dramaturgical meeting with one of Chicago’s larger theatres.

PLAY SELECTION: Play readers consist of Chicago Dramatists’ Resident and Network Playwrights and staff. The final selection of plays is determined by the Artistic Director and the Project Director, as informed by the readers’ scoring. The main criteria for selection is the quality of the work, with secondary consideration given to the diversity of the racial and ethnic makeup of the playwrights selected.

Participant playwrights will be announced by May 15, 2009. Cash prizes awarded on July 18, 2009.

SUBMISSION RULES AND GUIDELINES: Submissions that do not adhere to the rules and guidelines will not be considered.
1. The contest is open to all playwrights of color who are U.S.A. residents, including, for instance, artists of African, Latin, Caribbean, Pacific Island, Asian, East Indian, Arab, and Native American descent. Any type of play and topic will be welcome (plays do not have to be about race or ethnicity).
2. Plays must be in English or primarily in English, unproduced (though readings and workshops are fine), and full-length (minimum 70 minutes).
3. Submitted plays must be in standard industry format and include a standard list of character descriptions/ages and how many actors are needed. Plays must be submitted either not bound or with three hole punch-type binding, although e-mail submission is preferred.
4. Include a one-page synopsis.
5. No musicals (though plays with music are fine) and no adaptations of works by other authors.
6. Include a playwright’s bio or resume.
7. Individual playwrights may submit no more than one full-length play.
8. Include SASP if notice of receipt is desired.
9. Submissions must specify the playwrights’ name, race or ethnicity, address, e-mail, and all phone numbers.
10. Submissions will not be returned.
11. The theatre will provide a travel and housing stipend for out-of-town playwrights.
12. All plays will be read at least twice, by different judges.
13. There is no submission fee.

E-mail submissions are strongly encouraged. All e-mail submissions must be sent as a ".pdf" file.
Submit by February 15, 2009 to:
Or mail submissions by February 15, 2009, (postmark deadline) to:

Ms. Ilesa Duncan
Many Voices Project Director
Chicago Dramatists
1105 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

Please address all inquiries or questions to Ms. Duncan at the above address or email address above or at (312) 633-0630 ext. 4#.

Source: The Loop

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